Tuesday, September 28, 2010

High School Memories

My Junior year of High School, I had a really great time.  I was involved in lots of things (a school musical, Jr. Miss, Track, and I started my first job working at the local movie theatre).    It was definitely the turning point, for me, in realizing that I didn't have to buy into people's idea of "popularity" and that I could be myself, be a good friend, and enjoy life.

Everyday during lunch, I sat with a handful of friends.  Some were a year older than me in school, some were my age, and one boy, in particular, was a year younger than me in school.  We had a great 37 minutes of sitting at one of the tables, eating some of the "choice" options for school lunch.  Among my lunchtime friends, were my older sister Kim (and Bff), our friend Chuck (who visited us a few months back), my dear friend Bethany, a certain Sophomore boy named Heath, and one Mr. Cheyenne Jackson.

Cheyenne Jackson was destined for stardom.  He oozed "Broadway".  Cheyenne was the lead in every play we had, in High School.  He was in the Show Choir.  He was well known and well liked by everyone.  Cheyenne dreamed of making it big.  We all knew he would, too.

Cheyenne's Senior Year, he took the lead role in Lil' Abner.   I was also in that play, playing one of the hillbilly wives.  Here is part of a page of our yearbook.  Cheyenne, of course, is acting his heart out.  Below his picture, I'm in the background, with my acting face on as well.  Good times.

As I mentioned, Cheyenne was in the Show Choir; A choir of elite singers that I could never get into.  In our high school, choir wasn't "dorky".  All the really popular people were in choir, and show choir.  Here is a picture of Show Choir, my Junior Year.  I had many friends in this choir, and there was a boy I had a crush on for many years, that was in the choir.  There was also this skinny kid who could really sing, in this choir.  His name was Heath.  (I previously mentioned that I played a "wife" in Lil' Abner.  Guess who played my husband?  My friend Heath, who years later, became my real life husband.  Ahh..(sigh)).

Heath and Cheyenne and Chuck auditioned, and made it, to a special and elite Regional Choir every year.  One year, there were some mix-ups with the hotel situation, and they ended up sharing a room, and a king size bed.  I don't think they announced that, though. Some things you just don't talk about, especially if you are a guy, and in high school.

Cheyenne and my sister Kim had a bit of a relationship for a while.  More friends than anything else, we all really enjoyed being together.

One year, after Cheyenne played the lead roll in Phantom of the Opera (this one was a community play), I told Cheyenne that he was going to be famous one day, and that being said, I needed his autograph.  He happily obliged.

Fast forward about 17 years, and Cheyenne certainly has made a name for himself.  He spent years acting on Broadway (think Xanadu), and now has slipped into the mainstream.  He has been on Curb Your Enthusiasm and 30 Rock, and now he's on a little show named Glee.

On last week's episode, he was introduced as the new coach for Vocal Adrenaline.  Watching the show, it's almost weird for me to see him, because I can honestly say, "I knew you when".  Go Cheyenne!


kdaygirl said...

He really was a good friend, I am so proud of what he has acomplished in his life.

Karen and Matt said...

Wow that is really awesome!

Mags said...

I never watched Glee until last week when I heard he was on the show. I got sooo excited when I saw him. All us jr high girls in choir would drool whenever he opened his mouth to sing. He could REALLY sing back then and is even better now.

dippyrooroo said...

He was only in the first episode of Glee for a flash, but it was so exciting to see him! I can't wait till they let him sing! I didn't know him personally like you, but I was in a play with him and got to be his secret pal! Some people might say "whatever 'it' is, he had it", but with him, the 'it' was pretty obvious. He was amazingly talented and incredibly good looking. It's no surprise at all that he made it big, but it's totally exciting!

Ande said...

Man, I am gonna have to watch it again. That is awesome!!!

CrazyChel said...

I loved lunches with Cheyenne! I don't remember many girls from back in the day that didn't have crush on him. Such a really great guy, and that amazing voice didn't hurt! :)
So glad to see how far he's gone because, as everyone has already said, he definitely has the talent!

Adri said...

Glad you saved that autograph! I've never watched Glee, but maybe I'll have to tune in so I can see your pal in action!

mamaduck said...

You just hiked your coolness factor another degree!

purejoy said...

that is soooo cool!! i haven't seen glee yet this season. need to catch up on hulu. work (grrrr) keeps getting in the way.

fun story!!
(i'd hold out selling that autograph on ebay just yet…)

The Girls' Mom said...

That was a fun post! I miss those good times! I didnt know he was on glee Ill have to check him out. Heath looks so little, it reminds me of chatting with him on the bus on the way to school.

The Girls' Mom said...

Oh and I almost for got about Zac Taylor! :)

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

That's awesome! I love Glee!!

I didn't know Heath was in choir in high school but he always had a great voice so it doesn't surprise me. :)