Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Hunting Blues

Starting Over

These are pretty much my mood swings, any given day.

Who knew house hunting could be so complex.

I like roller coasters...but not this kind.

I'm glad I have a good husband along for the ride.

Also along for the ride, is our realtor Tony.  He's really great and patient, and even holds Kimble while we critique houses.  What a guy.

I really hope this journey has a happy ending.  I'm thinking about just renting for the rest of my life.


runningfan said...

Sorry it's so frustrating! I hope Tony is taking care of you.

Shavonne said...

Hang in there Shaina! You'll find a house soon, and it will be one that you just love. It will be worth it!

courtney said...

I totally understand, finding a house is like wanting to get pregnant and every month that goes by seems like forever! You want something to happen and you want it right now. Don't settle though! We almost got a house that "worked well enough" because we wanted to get out of our apartment so bad last year...I'm glad we waited!

Colleen said...

I know it WILL have a happy ending, even if that ending isn't in sight right now. I guess that was one good thing about our whrilwind trip out here to find/buy our house. I had to pick one, and I had to live with the choice, and I only had two days to do it! It was still a roller coaster, but at least it was a short one!

Adri said...

Oh, I should have warned you. Or, maybe not. From one who has been on the hunt for 2 years now.... Good Luck! Something will feel right, soon!

Maynards said...

We literally only had two days to find this house, and it was one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done. I feel for you. Just know, that when you walk in the door of the right one, it will all come together. Each home you step into is one step closer to THE ONE. Good luck!

Julie said...

I remember the misery of house hunting. Our realtor had to hold Derek while I checked out houses. It did take us a long time, but we love our cozy house!