Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keaton's Birthday Day

Keaton turned 9 years old this week.  He is a delightful boy who has a sensitive heart, and honestly tries to do what's right.  He doesn't like being in trouble.  He doesn't like knowing that he has done wrong.  He hates it when we are disappointed with his choices and actions.  He wants to be so helpful and good.

Keaton loves food.  I don't think there is anything that I make, that he doesn't like.  He is always very complimentary of what I make, how I look, or what I do.  He is a very attentive boy.  He likes to please people.  He is very articulate with his feelings.  He likes when he has a captive audience.  In these next pictures, he said "Now mom, take a picture of my sweet karate moves.  Now, another one from a different angle...".

After school, I invited Keaton to go look at houses with us (we are house hunting right now) and he was so excited to join us.  We looked at five houses, and liked the fifth one the best!

He enjoyed coming home and telling his brothers and sisters all about the house we want to buy. Unfortunately, there were some "hidden" problems with the house, as we discovered the next day, and we so we continue our search for a house.  However, Keaton still loved looking at the houses with us that day.

When we got home, we had his favorite dinner (Sausage Penne with breadsticks) and then we opened presents.  He got a book "Diary of a wimpy kid" and a Wii game "Speed Racer" and new cubscout items to be a Bear (including a belt so he can put all his beltloops on) and a pair of cowboy boots (which he's been desperate for).  He was a happy boy.

Then we had a snickers ice cream cake that I had made a few days before.  It was good.

Happy Birthday Keaton!  We sure like ya!


purejoy said...

yum yum yum!! looks like a delicious time!! he's so adorable and i love how he wants you to take pictures of him. look how grown up he is. love the family picture. that kimble is such a cute chunka chunka love!!

dippyrooroo said...

Happy Birthday Keaton! You are one outstanding kid! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

Colleen said...

Me too! That Keaton is a GRRRREAT kid! Good job, Moms and Pops!