Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was looking at Kolby today, and I think he has grown a few inches overnight.  He just seemed so big all of the sudden.  In the past few weeks since he has turned 7, he has had a great attitude.  Previously, I had to struggle with Kolby to do homework.  Now, he does it with a happy attitude, and smiles the entire time.  He reads aloud to me.  He does his flash cards.  He finishes his homework papers.    He gets his housework done...most of the time.  Although he still needs motivation in this area, and efficiency, he is doing much better.

With a happy attitude comes rewards.  He gets to play legostarwars on the computer.  He gets to play outside, or go on bike rides with Daddy.  He gets to have treats (sugar is still the best way to persuade good behavior out of Kolby) and he gets to enjoy a happy momma.

Kolby brings  laughter into our homes. He's always coming up with crazy sound effects, accompanied by some sort of fighting or wrestling game.  He loves his two nerf dart guns that he got for his birthday, and he doesn't  have to push hard to get someone to play with him, but I think his favorite person to partner up with has to be his Daddy. They have a great time shooting back and forth at each other.  Kolby is more "boy" than any kid I know.

Kolby likes to eat raw carrots and zucchini and cucumbers, but he hates them when they are cooked.  He loves corndogs, but still hates ketchup.  He will eat spaghetti, without the sauce, unless I have it in some sort of casserole, and then he'll eat it just fine.  Kolby loves sausage and bacon and meatloaf and ham and chicken.  He likes meat!  Kolby loves to drink milk, but prefers to eat his cereal dry. 

If Kolby has a loose tooth, it'll stay put until it falls out on its own, even if it's just hanging there.  He won't let it get pulled.  Drives me nuts.

When Kolby and Keaton are sent to take a shower, Keaton will stay in for an hour if we let him. Kolby gets in long enough to get wet, then comes out and says he's all done.

I like it when Kolby is a happy boy.  Since he knows how to push my buttons more than any other kid, I work extra hard to show him all the love I can.  I hope the "new Kolby" sticks around for a while.  I quite like him.


Julie said...

He is a very good looking kid!

Sharon said...

oh man I LOVE Kolby!!

runningfan said...

Is that a recent picture of Kolby? His hair is so curly!

I'm glad you're in a happy phase with him. I hope it lasts a long time!

Colleen said...

It's so great when the tough phases end and the smooth ones begin. I hope this lasts a nice long while! Kolby is a fantastic kid!

Karen and Matt said...

Holy cow! He is really growing up. He is such a cute kid! Hope this "new Kolby sticks around for you too! =)