Thursday, September 30, 2010

Officially a Blogger!

Well, I have some excitement to share with you today.

It has to do with my blog!

I've had my lovely blog for three years and a month.  I've talked about my family (extensively).  We have moved quite a few times, one of which was actually coast to coast.  I've shared crafts with you.  I learned how to sew.   I practically shove my recipes down your throats.  I've confessed many childhood stories with you.  We've celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and holidays.  We even added to our family size, and shared our story of faith and celebration.

Through it all, each blog post added in number.

This blog post, TODAY, is my 1000th.  One Thousand posts!!

I'd really like to celebrate...but how?

I confess, I'm swamped with a dirty dirty house.  I've got three things cooking on the stove right now (one of which is another batch of salsa).  We are house hunting, and quite honestly, it has not gone well.  I've officially "broken up" with the act of house hunting, and refuse to resume until I've had time to forgive "it" for the unwanted roller coaster ride of emotional instability and disappointment.

We are in our busy birthday season, and the thought of my baby turning 1 in November kinda freaks me out.  We have visitors coming this weekend, and I'm overjoyed.  Christmas is coming up and I'd really like to have things done early, just in case we do find that perfect house and get to move in December like we plan to.

I wanted to do a giveaway.  I wanted to share some new tutorial or cool link.

Instead, I say, Happy 1000 blog post!  I love having a blog!  Thanks for being my audience.

Now, back to work.


I'm Always Rite said...

I totally love reading your blog, giveaways or not! You rock! Every post makes me smile or cry or laugh or ponder or hungry or crafty or any number of a plethora of other emotions... sometimes all at the same time on the same post! Thank you so much for sharing your life! I look forward to your next 1,000 posts! ;]

Julia said...

I don't think giveaways are necessary. I have, instead, done something in honor of my blogger buddies when I've reached a milestone blog, etc.... The last time I made blankets to take to DCS. I know you don't have time for something like that, but I didn't do it right away. I waited till I did have time. In any case, nothing is necessary. I love your blog and learning about your wonderful family.

runningfan said...

I'm glad it's official... ;)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Love you Shaina.. I am glad that I get to read about your life almost every day. I will be even more glad when I get to share in person your life.
Maybe you havent found your house yet because my house that I am going to buy there is going to be next door and there is not two perfect house next to each other yet. Are are you following what i am saying? You missed the the chance to be my neighbor in CA. and become my best friend and now we have that chance, even now you are more than a best friend you my sister friend.
Congrats on you !,000 post!

purejoy said...

congratulations on 1000 posts. i love your blog, your family, your recipes (shove away!!) and your sweet faith. looking forward to journeying towards 2000!

Carol said...

1000 posts?? That's awesome!! THANK YOU for sharing your busy life with us all!!

Jen said...

congrats. Hmm... I wonder how manu posts I have done on the past couple of years. Good luck getting back to house hunting.

Colleen said...

Happy 1000 Blogista!

Maynards said...

This should be declared a holiday in the world of blogging! I sure have loved being a part of your life through your wonderful blog. Especially now that we live further away. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.