Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Pictures

School Picture Day is one of those days that got ignored last year, amidst all the chaos that arises the few weeks before you give birth to a baby that may....or may not.  So when I got the pictures back for preview, my kids were wearing ugly T-shirts, their hair looked  terrible, and I'm sure they had portions of breakfast stained across the corners of their mouth, and the front of their shirts.

Not this year. 

Yesterday was picture day for Kolby.  I think he's quite the handsome little boy.  He sure is looking more and more grown up everyday.

Today it was Kamy and Keaton's turn.  Keaton hates it when I spike up his hair, and he prefers to wear his blue framed glasses, instead of his black ones.  I, however, think he looks dashing in his black frames and curly hair and since I'm the boss, he is instructed not to touch his hair until after pictures are taken at school.

Kamy wanted me to put curlers in her hair last night, so she could wake up and have springy curly curls just like Ramona The Pest longed to have.  "Boing!"  We compromised with hot rollers this morning, and although we tried, Kamy's hair just didn't take to the curls.  They are big fat hair rollers, so it gives more body than anything else.  Anyway, I think she still looked beautiful.

Even if I don't order any pictures from school, I have three super good school pictures right here.


runningfan said...

Gorgeous kids! We don't buy school pictures, either, but I still try to make the kids look nice on picture day!

courtney said...

You definitely have some very very handsome children...I include Kamy because I am going to bring that term back for women like in Jane Austin Books.

Great Pictures! WE are also finally getting a routine down for homework too! I am so surprised at the amount of homework Kenzie has as a first grader. There are days it doesn't quite get done and I just have to say...Hey, I never even did homework till I was a 5th grader!"

Jen Sue Wild said...

I bet these pix will be cutter than the school pix.

Julia said...

Your children are gorgeous! Love the hair-dos and the glasses!

Colleen said...

What a good lookin' group! We skipped pics this year and are going to do them at home. The boys just did the yearbook photo.