Monday, September 20, 2010

The Unknown Lake

On Saturday, after a lazy morning for us (which was delightful and much needed), I was on facebook, looking at a local friend's picture of his kids at a lake.  (Heidi, it was Garry and your two littles!) It looked beautiful.  I quickly googled the place, and discovered that it was right in the middle of our city!  I've been here for two years, and have never heard of this place.  I immediately thought it would be perfect to take the family to.

Fifteen minutes later, the kids were all ready, with swimsuits on under their clothes; I packed a lunch for us, and we were off.  We drove down to Memorial Park, and unloaded ourselves at the edge of Prospect Lake.  It was perfect.

Surprisingly, the area around the lake was quiet and peaceful.  Not many people were by the water.  There were two huge playgrounds (one on either side) that were both jam packed with kids, and there were great big fields that were filled with football players and onlookers, but we had our space to ourselves, except for some geese that came to sniff around.

I'm thinking the lake was "closed" to swimming, but I was ready to feign innocence if caught.  Nobody stopped us.  Nobody cared.  The kids weren't in the water long, but it was long enough for them to enjoy themselves, and for Keaton to lose a shoe, after it got stuck in the mud.  He couldn't find it after that.

This baby boy loved being outside.  He is just so cute!!

On the drive home, we weren't too far from this ice cream place that my friend Julie had talked about a few times, so we found it, and decided to treat everyone to some ice cream.

Standing in line (it was a busy place!), I saw how H-O-T my husband looked!!  Of course, any man immediately looks hotter, if he's holding a baby!  The Husband's H-O-T factor  rose significantly, when he brought me this peanut and chocolate sundae.  Yum!  (I could only eat half of it!)

The kids all got cherry dipped cones, and boy did they make a mess of eating them.  By the time we got home, they had cherry ice cream everywhere, and were all put in the showers immediately.

Before we got home, we drove by two prospective houses that were for sale.  We will be looking at them today.  We are really really hoping they become possibilities.


runningfan said...

I'm so glad Garry's post generated a fun outing. Where'd you get that ice cream? Looks yummy!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Memorial Park used to have a great 4th of July thing, not sure if they still do. But typically a bunch of vendors and then fireworks at dark. When I lived there (moved in 2005) it was pretty nice.

Julie said...

I'm so jealous you went to BJ's! There is only one thing I will ever get there, and it is a Heath bar Freeze (think extra thick and chunky shake) made with chocolate ice cream. It is so good I can never get anything else.

Just looking at your pictures makes me need another trip down there!