Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who To Cheer For?

Last weekend we went to the BYU vs Air Force Football game here at the AF Academy.  Our friend Heidi scored these awesome  tickets for her family (5 bucks each) and then shared the love with all her friends.  We ended up sitting in a section that was filled with 50 of our friends.  So fun.  (Turns out Heidi got sick and couldn't go.  So sorry Heidi!)

The day of the big game arrived, and as we were in a long line of slow-moving traffic to get to the stadium, we posed the question:  Who do we root for?  I went to BYU.  Graduated from there, in fact.  We spent four years in the Air Force.  Quite frankly, I didn't enjoy my time at BYU, but we loved being in the Air Force.  So, the decision was made.  We were cheering for Air Force, but couldn't help rooting for both teams.  Go Cougars and Falcons!!

So with a section of six seats reserved for us, we enjoyed getting a "falcon's" view of the field.  It was all very fun, if not a bit distracting.  It was hard to watch the game with so much socializing to be had!

One major error we had, in our hasty escape to the game, was that we forgot a binkie for Kimble.  How could we do that??  He and his binkie go hand in hand, but obviously, a hand forgot.  So, with no binkie, and it being naptime for him, Kimble was in a state of unhappiness for most of the game.  We kept him happy with some juice in a bottle (which he actually took a little bit of!) and some of his favorite snacks.

Here is Heath, trying to explain the fundamentals of the game to Keaton.  I should have been listening too. I didn't know what was going on most of the time.  I just cheered when everyone else cheered!

During halftime, we gathered everyone back together (the kids had all gone off to sit with their friends) and we took a quick family picture.

Here is a picture of halftime, stolen from my friend's blog (great picture Colleen, thanks!) of the huge flag they had on display, during a patriotic song, not to mention all the stories of 9/11 that were spotlighted throughout the show.  It was a great day to be on a military installation!  Everyone was so patriotic and respectful.

After halftime, it seemed like seat reservations didn't matter anymore.  We all started sitting with our friends, and enjoying eachother's company for the remainder of the game that the Falcons smashed the Cougars up and down the field.  Poor BYU fans.  Here's a group of girls (and a few boys)...

Here's a group of boys...

Finally, I got Kimble to sleep!  How?  Well, I resorted to being his binkie for a while.  With a full belly and a soft cuddly mom to sleep against, he couldn't help but doze off.

Even though Kimble was fussy, and Kolby asked to go home every two minutes, and I couldn't find Georgie at one point (one of our friends had taken her potty and I was too distracted to notice her gone!) and that it took an hour and a half to drive the 10 minute drive home, because of all the traffic...we had a great day.


courtney said...

Jared would have loved to have gone to that game...or any game for that matter!

I didn't understand football at all until I started playing fantasy football with Jared's family...now I know all the positions and how to score and tally points.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I ger up going to AFA football games. My parents are both sports fanatics.

Colleen said...

It was a great day! Even if my team lost. I think Sept 11th is a great day for a Falcon win.