Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We were up at The Children's Hospital today.  Kimble had two followup appointments (Cleft Lip and Cardiology).  Kimble's lip is doing great, and there are no concerns at this time.  Next followup isn't for another year!  With Cardiology, Kimble is doing well, and is developmentally progressing.  He tested between 9-10 months, which considering all his surgeries, I think he's doing brilliantly.

Between appointments, we were waiting for Georgie to go to the bathroom.  I took advantage of the time to take a few pictures of Kimble.  I wanted to show you his Alfalfa hair.  About three weeks ago, Kimble's hair decided to stand on end.  Not all of it, mind you.  Just the "Alfalfa Patch".  It's so cute, and believe me, it won't lie down flat!  However, I don't mind.  Just adorable.

 We'll be back at the hospital next week to deliver all the blankets, and have a big birthday celebration with all three cardiac babies.  I'm so excited!


Renny's little things said...

I can't wait to see some pics of all three little heart babies again. He is turning into a little boy now. So grown up.
I have a ten and half month old boy and Kimble is doing more than what he is so don't worry to much about his development i'm sure it will all come together soon.
LOve to all
Geniene from Australia

Sharon said...

cute! Garrett has a patch like that too, and it still sticks up! he's looking at the other baby in the mirror all suspicious

runningfan said...

In the picture on the left, where he's staring at himself straight on, I think he totally looks like Heath!

Heath said...

I love you my Baby Son.

The Mitchells said...

What cute pictures! I am glad he is doing so well!

Queen of Chaos said...

Way cute!!!

I need to make and get you a blanket ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia said...

Who doesn't believe in the power of prayer after seeing these photos?!?