Monday, October 11, 2010

Christmas Wish Lists

A few days ago, the kids were running wild in the house.  In an effort to have a quiet and peaceful evening, I asked them all to sit down at the table and write out their Christmas wish list.  I informed them that this didn't mean that whatever they wrote down, they would get, but only that I was interested in what they were wanting for Christmas.  Here is Kamy's list.

I liked her list.  I was a bit surprised that she requested the Star Wars movies, but apparently she likes them.  We used to have the trilogy on VHS, but I have no idea what happened to it. It's been years since they've watched them, but they still remember the movies with fondness, I guess.

Next up, Keaton's list.

I obviously need to work on his spelling.  He wants 1. A bow and arrow.  2. A BB Gun.  3. A soccer ball.  4. A Karate Suit.  5. A punching bag.  6. A weight bench ("Make sure it's not too heavy of weights, momma, but then again, I AM super strong.")

Kolby's list.
Kolby just wants Star Wars Light Sabers, and figurines.  I tried to prod more things out of him, but his heightened desire for all things Star Wars, and his lack of enthusiasm for drawing and writing, led to a simple list.

I'm not so shocked by their love of Star Wars.  I see drawings like this next picture, around the house all day long.  I definitely know what they want.

Georgie was next.  She drew some purple clouds, and then a purple flute with flowers on it.  She drew Kamy holding on to the flute, and then she drew herself, with as sad face, because she didn't have a flute, and apparently, Kamy does.

I guess I'll be getting Georgie a toy flute for Christmas!  By the way, this was the first drawing Georgie did where she drew emotions.  Love it.

It's fun to see what the kids are interested in.  If you have a free evening, I encourage you to ask  your kids to draw/write their Christmas list.  I found it very entertaining.

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purejoy said...

i have a vintage 1973 gemeinhardt flute… pads appear to be fine. no dents. case is in good shape with the exception of some moron writing their name on white bandage tape and sticking it inside. after 37 years… the tape was still tacky. dumb.

i have photos in case you're interested. make me an offer!

love their mad drawing skills. and i just adore georgie's imagination and inclusion of her feelings. so precious!