Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Eve

Last night we had our annual Halloween party at the church.  The kids really enjoyed dressing up.  A few weeks ago, the boys decided they wanted to be Spiderman vs Spiderman, Good vs Evil.  They were spiderman and venom.

Kolby loved being the evil villain!  Likewise, Keaton never once thought of being anything but good.  I love my boys.  They are the best of friends, but so different in so many ways.

Georgie, who is such a pixie as it is, wanted to be Tinkerbell.  I pulled her hair up and she got pretty makeup put on her...she was in heaven.  She is so girly and cute.

Kamy is really into books that tell about young girls who lived a long long time ago.  She decided she wanted to be Cleopatra.  She loved wearing her white gown, and having lots of eye makeup on.
 Kamy decided she didn't want to wear her black wig because it wouldn't lay down straight (like Cleopatra's hair) and it was hot and itchy.  Instead, The Husband decided to wear it.  He became a pirate, from the neck up.  However, he couldn't find any pirate-y clothing, so instead, he chose a few summer items, and became "A Pirate on  Vacation".  He looked great.

I was  going to be a witch, and had borrowed a cape, hat, and gloves from a friend, but when I tried to coordinate the rest of the outfit, it didn't work together. So instead, I pulled out an old uniform of The Husband's, and became an Airman for the evening.  Is it sad that I fit perfectly into his military uniform?

Oh, and let's not forget Mr. Kimble.  He was simply adorable in his little Lion outfit.  I just wanted to squeeze him all night!

Here is the whole family.  It was fun to dress up together.

I had forgotten to draw whiskers and a little black nose on Kimble, so when we got to the church, I drew some in...however, he was not happy, and he wiggled and complained the entire time.  So, they aren't perfect whiskers, but they did just fine.

After some chili eating and costume parading, the kids went off to play carnival games.  Georgie came back with stickers all over her face, and a set of vampire teeth in her mouth.  With the leftover orange frosting from a half-eaten cupcake all over her lips, she suddenly turned into a psycho fairy!  Watch out for Georgie!
After trunk-or-treating, where the kids' Halloween bags were filled with candy, and someone had actually passed out full-size bags of skittles and mm's, we all went home to shower and go to bed, with our tummies filled with sugar and smiles on our faces.  It was a great night!


Julia said...

What fun!!!!

runningfan said...

Great costumes! Sounds like a fun party last night, too!

Pumpkin roll is in the oven...can't wait!!

I'm Always Rite said...

Looks like you had a super groovy Halloween! Love the dueling Spidermen! ;] Heath's ahir is just funny! And those BDUs look pretty baggy to me! ;}
PS Did I tell you I've followed you again and have given up candy and soda altogether!? Don't miss it at all!!! :D Thanks for your good example! ;]

Maynards said...

Fun costumes! I am glad you had a great Halloween Eve. The last picture of Gorgie cracked me up. She is so cute. Sam wore that lion costume a few years ago and I couldn't stop snuggling him. Isn't it the best. Happy Halloween!

Jeff and Lori said...

Great costumes! Little Kimble was such a cute little inchworm lion. The last picture of Georgie made me laugh out loud :)

Colleen said...

It sure was a fun night! The kids looked did the parents. Kimble is absolutely squishable!