Friday, October 15, 2010

House Hunting Update

Last week, I discussed, in detail, three houses that were on our list.  Guess what?  We aren't buying any of them.
(insert big sigh of frustration)

We ruled out the first one because we couldn't get past the area, and the school district we were in.   Just didn't feel right, even though we loved the house.

We ruled out the third one because it could be FOREVER until we could finish the basement, and we really need more than two bathrooms now.

We ruled out the second house.  Then we changed our mind and said, yes...second house it is.  Then two minutes later, we changed our mind again.  This went on for days.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  What is it about this house that causes us such uncertainty?  It really has everything we were looking for, except for a few small picky the backyard and the small living room space.  However, those are things we just couldn't get past. 

Too picky? Maybe.  However, The Husband and I both feel that if we are supposed to buy a house, we shouldn't struggle with the decision.  We will know!

So we are holding out on getting that feeling.  We hope to get it quick, because houses are being sold right and left, and we have seen all the houses that are on the market, and in  our price range.  That means we have to wait until someone is desperate enough to drop their price, or someone else actually lists their house to sell in the "off season", or we don't buy right now, and try again in the spring.

We are hoping to buy sooner, rather than later.  We actually have a house to see today.  One we haven't seen before, and it is actually in our price range, AND in the area we want to buy.  We will see what becomes of it. The husband has high hopes.  I have been burned by "high hopes" before, so I am reserving any excitement for later.


mamaduck said...

Sounds like what we went through. Then we were house hunting online and saw a picture that made my jaw drop. We drove out that night and snuck around the property. Our realtor got a showing for us the next afternoon and we were signing papers less than a month later.

courtney said...

I think it a smart view to be cautious...that way you don't rush and regret! Good to wait until you just love the house and can't wait to get in! Good luck, waiting till the spring would bring new houses too! Enjoy these last few months in the house and ward that made you feel welcomed and at home.

runningfan said...

Could you be "cautiously optimistic" today? :)

Renny's little things said...

good luck with this one guys hope it's your wow house

Cheers Geniene