Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Husband's Birthday

 We had a great time celebrating Heath's birthday.  He worked all day, which I'm sure was just delightful, but when he came home, he had dinner waiting for him.  He chose to have Broccoli Soup with Ham & Swiss Toasts.  If you haven't tried it, you should.

After that, he opened his present.  I've had this idea for his birthday gift since last year, and was sure he would love it.  I got him a flying lesson.  Almost one hour of flying time, where Heath gets to be "behind the wheel", so to speak, and fly the plane over our beautiful Colorado landscape, and also help land the plane.  Heath has always wanted to be a pilot, so this is a gift I had "high hopes" would be received well.

Heath was thrilled.  He can't wait to make the appointment to go.

After he helped vacuum the entire house (yes, he cleaned on his birthday!), we watched Prince of Persia with all the kids, and we made a dessert of puff pastry with nutella, my strawberry freezer jam, and some fresh whipped cream.  It was very good.  Then, he went to the airport where he picked up Oma and Pappy, who came to visit for the weekend, but more on that in the next post.

Happy Birthday Babe.


Renny's little things said...

Wow you awesome wife!!!

Happy birthday Heath for Australia

Heath said...

Thanks Babes, the flight certificate surprised me I was not expecting that but am really excited because it came from you and well its going to be really awsome. I was a great day. I am most thankful for being able to have a job that lets me be with the family. And having everyone alive and well, I just can't take that for granted.