Friday, October 1, 2010

Memories With The Husband

Babe, remember the time we went sky diving in Hawaii?  Your guy made you do a "not so graceful" landing, and my guy let me control the ropes on the free fall.  Also, everyone thought you had talked me into going sky diving, but it was totally my idea and something I've wanted to do since I was little.  Thanks for risking your life with me.  Glad we could do it together.

Remember when we were in the initial stages of dating, and you gave me your leather jacket?  It was already too big on you, and was simply swimming on me, but I loved it. I had always dreamed of a boy giving me his cool jacket to wear.  Thanks for making my dream come true.

Remember when I surprised you one year for your birthday, just after we moved to California, by having lots of couples come over and share the evening with us, playing games and such.  Even after there were about a dozen people there, and still more coming, you still hadn't figured it out, and kept asking people "So you just happened to be in the neighborhood, and decided to come over for a visit, right now, just  like everyone else??"  Too funny.

Remember a few days after I had our first baby?  I was up, tending to the baby, in the middle of the night.  I was completely engorged (in other words, my boobs were huge) and you saw a silhouette of me in the darkness, and was absolutely stunned that it was your wife standing there, instead of Jessica Rabbit.

Speaking of our first baby, remember how I had her just minutes after arriving at the hospital?  While in the car, driving the few miles to the hospital, you looked past my panting self, and saw the people in the next car. They were going to a birthday party or something, with the kid wearing a crown on her head, and dressed in a pretty costume.  You couldn't believe that life was carrying on as normal, for the rest of the world, when I was practically having a baby in the car.  Life sure has changed for us, eh?

Remember driving around ChinaTown, in San Francisco, and you turned left into a one-way street, going the wrong way.  Cars honking.  People yelling.  Lights changing.  Traffic had to stop as we turned around in the busy intersection.  What fun.

Going back to our trip to Hawaii, remember when all you wanted to do was go Snorkeling?  Big plans.  Snorkeling this and Snorkeling that.  However, I couldn't get the mouthpiece in without completely gagging. There was no way I was going snorkeling.  So, I took this picture with you, which I call "The happy couple snorkeling together" and then I went and sat down on the beach and read a book while you snorkeled.

Remember when we all dressed up as pirates for Halloween?  You charcoaled your eyes and drew in your goatee, and, well, you made a very pretty pirate.  You were ahead of your time, as it was before Jack Sparrow became known, but I was very happy that you participated in our family of pirates.

Remember a few months back?  You were out riding your bike and unfortunately for you, a huge hail storm acted like a hurricane, and completely tore through the area.  You didn't have any shelter, and came home bruised and completely saturated...but you still looked HOT in your biking shorts!

Remember when I took you out on a super secret scavenger date?  You had no idea what was planned for the evening, or where I was taking you.  I blindfolded you, put a new shirt on you, and put you in the car.  After driving around for a while, I dropped you off "who knows where", handed you an envelope, and told you to stay there, blindfolded and alone against a tree, until you heard a timer go off. Then, you could look at your instructions and go from there.  You stayed blindfolded, until you heard that timer (what trust!) and once the blindfold was off, you discovered two of your buddies nearby (who were also blindfolded, and holding their next instructions), and all of you were wearing matching shirts! Haa Haa.  The directions led you on a scavenger hunt, and was one of the best group dates ever.

Remember when I tried to convince you to read the Twilight books?  You kept refusing, but I knew you would love them.  So, I began reading them to you.  It became our nightly ritual, after the kids went to bed.  You were so engrossed in the story, that you would actually get mad, or happy, or angry, or annoyed at me when I was reading.  You were also engrossed in all the "voices" that I did, that it made it so fun.  Thanks for letting me read to you.

Remember when we started watching "The Bachelor"? You had your "picks" from the beginning of each season, and were so involved in the drama, but would deny watching it whenever I mentioned it in public.

Remember when we first watched Napoleon Dynamite?  It was just ok.  But then, for some reason, we kept on watching it, again and again.  Now, it is a family favorite, and now we truly believe that there isn't a situation in life where a Napoleon Dynamite quote wouldn't work perfectly.  Among our favorites, and most quotable, is "Take a look at what I'm wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys? You think anybody thinks I'm a failure because I go home to Starla at night?"  Also, a montage of movie quotes is my ringtone when you call.  Love Napoleon Dynamite!

Remember when we went to the San Francisco Zoo and a peacock was getting super friendly with our little picnic site.  The peacock was trying to steal the kids' peanut butter sandwiches.  It was fine, until this random lady pushing a stroller comes right up to us (very close and personal), looks at the peacock and says harshly "You NASTY Man!".  Her choice phrase had us laughing for years.  Who calls a peacock a man, let alone a nasty man!  Crazy lady.

Remember when we were on our honeymoon?  We took a detour to the beach before we checked into our bed and breakfast, and ended up having a freak wave come up and drench us.  Not only that, we were covered in sand.  The owner of the B&B had us hose off outside before we were allowed inside.  Then, after our car's clutch cable broke, the nice owner of the  B&B let us borrow his desperately old pickup flatbed, and as we were turning a corner, the driver's side door (which wouldn't latch closed) flung open and I almost fell out of the truck.  Good times.

I'm glad I have so many years of wonderful memories with you.  Thank you for being my sweet husband. Happy Birthday babe.  Love you.


purejoy said...

oh my stars! what fun memories and i'm sure he's going to love reading all of this.
napoleon dynamite is a favorite of mine, too. it's a bit too "highbrow" for the hubs (ie he doesn't get/like sophomoric humor, poor guy). but for me and my kids… we love it.
we went to a restaurant in midtown atlanta last week and as we were leaving, i noticed the restaurant across the street was called LaFonda's. i quickly snapped a photo (the hubs again…perplexed as to why) which sadly turned out blurry… but i was lovin it. the place was decked out in all you would expect from LaFonda.
enjoyed your memories. keep making them, friend!

MaloyMayhem said...

I love the memories!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sharon said...

Oh Heath! I think we all have nothing but great memories of you! i'm so glad you're in our family! Happy Birthday!!

Karen and Matt said...

Oh what fun memories!!!! You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Heath said...

Awesome Babes, I loved remembering all the memories. Sky diving was awesome and you loved it which I was worried about. I really thought that you were someone else that night when you were engorged I was in a daze and I thought for sure you were not my wife, it was a little scary for a moment. I will never forget that mother and daughter in the SUV on their way to a beauty pagent while you were in labor, for some reason it is burned into my mind. And Nasty Man Lady at the zoo was typical San Fran and a funny moment for all. China town as scary but the worst part was most seemed to act as if that was normal for them. You were such a good sport with snorkeling, if you would have gotten past the break it was really calm and nice. Man that hail storm suuucked, at first it wasn't that bad and they hail wasn't that big but it just got worse and worse all while under those two sparse pine trees, I looked like I got done playing paint ball. The twilight books were ok but the best part was you doing the voices and spending that time with you. The B&B on our honeymoon was awesome especially when they fixed our poor car and let us use that weird flat bed dulley yellow truck with the door that would fly open around corners, we still managed to have a lot of fun.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Happy Birthday Heath!!!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad it's your birthday!

The Girls' Mom said...

that was adorable!

Jed and Kera said...

I just have to say after over a month of being MIA because both of our laptops crashed your children look like totally different people!! Also you look thinner! Anyways I was happy to see all is well at your home and I LOVE the shirts your sister made! Adorable!!! :O)

mickey said...

That was sweet!Happy Birthday and many more!

Valerie said...

hahahaha, You are two of my favorite people! I laughed out loud reading this. I hope to live by you again. I need a good belly laugh!!

Happy Birthday Heath! You hot man!!

Do you remember when Shaina had me touch your leg when you got in my van after the movie? hahaha, You just about jumped out the window!