Monday, October 4, 2010

Oma & Pappy Visit!

Friday night, Heath and Kamy picked up two very special people from the airport.  Ron and Chris were very influential to Heath, during his tender years of adolescence.  They had kids that were the same age as Heath; kids that were a good influence on Heath.  More importantly, however, Ron was Heath's Bishop in our church, and thus, had a leading role in Heath's life. Ron acted like a father to Heath, who had grown up without a Father.  They remained close for years and years, even after Ron wasn't the Bishop anymore.

I think there was some scheming going on between Ron and my dad, which caused Heath and I to "find each other" again four years after high school.  I think I'll need to get more details on that.  Anyway, Ron and Chris traveled across the state just to go to our wedding, and they have been instrumental in our lives ever since.  When we started having kids, they took on the role of grandparents to them, even though they had plenty of grandkids already.

Thus, we have been adopted into their clan.  They became Oma and Pappy to our kids.  They live on a farm and have horses and chickens and donkeys and gardens and big porches and lanterns and dirt  roads and fences and haystacks and barns and ponds...and almost every size of cowboy boots for you to borrow when you are there.  Needless to say, it's very fun visiting Oma and Pappy's house.

This time, they wanted to visit us.  However short the time was (barely two days!), we had a great time with them.  They got here late Friday night, so we didn't do much visiting, but Saturday morning, after a feast of THESE pancakes (so good and filling), we headed out to Garden of the Gods. 
Here is a picture of Oma and Pappy...

A picture of our clan...

Everyone all together!

Just Oma, Pappy, and the kids.

We took a loop trail that we haven't taken before, and enjoyed the time wandering around, enjoying the beautiful scenery (it was a perfect day to go hiking, with the weather being mid 70's) and amazing rock formations.  Here are some individual pictures, with Keaton and Kolby being first.

It was odd to catch Kamy by herself. She spent most of the day holding hands with Pappy as they walked along the trails.

Georgie  hopped around between rocks, and I often had to call her back because she was so far away and enjoying the hike with boundless energy.  In this next picture, she called to me to take her picture, and posed in a truly Georgie way.  She is such a girlie girl.

You remember my post about The Incline?  You can see it from where we were hiking. Heath is pointing to it.  I got tired just looking at it.

Kolby took this picture of me, just to document the fact that I was there.

Oma and Pappy were in love with the beautiful rocks and how the marks of the environment (wind and water) had changed them.

After our hike, we were treated to lunch at Black-eyed Pea (so yummy) and then we all went home to rest.  Later, we made an enchilada feast to feed everyone.  In between all the eating, there was lots of time spent listening, talking, and playing with all the kids.

Besides reading to them, both Oma and Pappy helped Kamy with her piano, let all the kids climb all over them, and had one on one time with each of them.  What great Grandparents.

Thank you for coming Oma and Pappy!  Can't wait until next summer, when we can spend some time at your farm!


purejoy said...

what a special treat to have another set of grandparents to share life with.
the day we were at garden of the gods we had all four seasons in 20 minutes… it was a crazy, crazy day in early June!
looks like everyone had fun!

Jen Sue Wild said...

You all look like you had so much fun!


What great pictures, I love Garden of the Gods (that is where we got married). Always a great place to visit with friends from out of town.