Monday, October 25, 2010

Standing Room Only

Mr. Kimble is still doing the belly crawl.  He scoots across all our rooms and finds lots of treasures to be had.  He opens up cupboards and helps himself to what's inside.  He even manages to scoot himself up a few steps, to get into another room.   He is mobile, even if he's not crawling.

Yesterday he found a new skill.  He started pulling himself up to a standing position.  However, there is one big problem that he failed to think about.  He gets stuck.  He hasn't learned how to pick up one foot and balance himself, and he doesn't know how to get back down.

I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon, and be walking along furniture, but for now, I need to be The Rescuer, and stay close-by, just in case I'm needed. This is true for the middle of the night last night.  I think I got up no less than six times, when I heard Kimble screaming in his room, and discovered him standing along the edge of his crib, holding on for dear life, and wanting desperately to get down.

In other news, Kimble looked on as his little friend Tommy celebrated his first birthday.  In this picture, I think Kimble is having some birthday envy.  So cute.  Happy Birthday Tommy!  Kimble is right behind ya!

For my family members, doesn't Kimble's profile look like a Weber??  He might just have some of me in him after all!


Jed and Kera said...

so sweet. :O) i can't help but giggle when i think of him standing there in his crib calling for you. it's so sad but so cute! :O) My little boy did that for a couple weeks too and I always had a smile on my face because it was just so darn cute.

purejoy said...

hahah, birthday envy! so funny!

i think it's so cute that kimble has discovered the art of standing just not sitting back down. imagine how scary that must feel being "all the way up there!" without a clue how to get down. so cute.

Sharon said...

oh man! that middle of the night rescue would drive me nuts. but he's just so cute, you can't really get mad at him. i can't believe he's almost 1?! and he does have a bit of the weber profile, he's so cute! i can't wait to see him at thanksgiving! (i hope!)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I cant belive he will be one in a little over a week. I wish I was going to be there like I was the day he was born..