Friday, October 15, 2010

With Kids In Tow

Searching for a house to buy, with kids in tow, isn't always the easiest thing to do. In fact, I can think of a lot of things that are easier to do.  I think showering, would be easier to do with five kids in the stall with you, than house hunting.  I think that riding a bike, with five kids on your back, would be easier to do, than house hunting with them.  I think that blowing glass, over 700 degree heat, with five kids managing the fire, would be easier to do, than with five kids running around a possible house.  I think breastfeeding five babies at the same time, might just be easier, than house hunting with them.

I have spent a lot of time looking at houses, with all combinations of our kids.  Even with The Husband, helping manage the kids, it is still hard.  Anyhow, that is the way things go.  So, we have the kids with us most of the time.  They can't contain their excitement over looking at houses, and I can't contain my frustration over them "looking at houses" (translation: touching everything, running through rooms, touching everything, screaming, yelling, chasing, whining, touching everything....).

Today, we saw a great house.  Perfect street.  Perfect area.  Enough square footage.  Great price.  After we looked at it, we told our realtor it was great, and we wanted to put an offer on. He happily called the listing agent, then discovered one little fact.  "Oh, yeah, this house is under contract already."

Darn it all.  Then why is it still listed as active?  Needless to say, our realtor was a bit put off by the listing agent.  Do your job already, he wanted to say.  If it's not available anymore, don't list it as such!

Anyway, dejected, we went our separate ways.  Instead of going home, though, The Husband and I decided to drive around a few choice neighborhoods, to see what we could see.  Maybe there was a house we had missed.

We drove.  We saw a house we had driven by last week.  It was being worked on; fixed up.  Last week, nobody was there. This week, we saw someone working inside the house.  The Husband decided to question the worker.  The conversation proved successful.  We got the number of the owner, who then came down and met with us.  He walked us through his house, talked about all the upgrades and improvements he was doing, and said we might be able to strike a deal.  Our realtor talks with his realtor, and we "crunch the numbers".  Could this house be the one?  We will see.  Next week we will talk more.


Renny's little things said...

crossing all things crossable!!!Yeh guys

steffany said...

Good luck to you, sometimes I forget that I don't even know you in real life. I read your entries and feel like I am having a great conversation with a good friend.

runningfan said...

And I'm complaining about buying an oven.....! I hope your latest discovery is The One.

Megan said...

That will be awesome if this one worked out to be the one because after that frustrated experience with the under contract one I think I'd be loosing my mind. (P.S. Glad I knew you in real life - now if we could just meet up again)