Saturday, November 20, 2010

Between Dream and Awake

I just awoke from a dream where as I was making breakfast, I discovered that The Husband had some chicken broiling in the oven, and alongside it, deliciously melting away, was my cannon rebel digital camera.  While I flipped out, and in anger, started throwing every dish I could find at The Husband (which as a disclaimer, I've never done, nor have I thought about it!), I noticed that we had caught the eye of the velociraptor who had jumped onto the child's gate in the doorway of the kitchen.  I kept the velociraptor occupied by playing fetch, tag, and scratching him under his jaw (while simultaneously keeping my fingers away from his snapping teeth) while The Husband paraded all the kids to the back bedroom where there was a trap door.  Unfortunately for us, the trap door led to a mysterious crack in the earth that was being investigated by Children's Services, and at that moment, they were telling us that it was officially under investigation and quarantine, and we would have to evacuate immediately.  We were very disappointed to have to leave without eating the breakfast I had prepared.

Although I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep at all this night, I obviously did sleep a bit, and boy is my mind racing!  It's now 3am, and after having comforted Kimble most of the night, because he isn't feeling well again (it must be his teeth...he's got a few looming) I always have a crazy night of sleep before a big day.  In just a few hours, everyone will be up and we'll be on the road, beginning our 12 hour car ride to visit family for a week.  I'm excited, and when I'm anticipating something, my mind never lets me rest.

Anyway, as I was holding my sweet cuddly, but very grumpy, Kimble against my chest,  feeling his warmth saturate my skin, smelling his sweet fragrance that is unique to Kimble, and patting his back in the rhythm that I know he likes, I reflected upon what my life was like this time last year.

I had a baby that was just getting prepared for surgery.  We had the weekend to spend waiting for the surgery to happen Monday morning, and I had the urge to savor every moment with him.  Although I was very nervous about the surgery, I had no idea that the hours following it would become, quite frankly, life and death. 

With all the love I had, I held Kimble that pre-surgical night, in the same way that I held him tonight.  Although he has grown into a strong and healthy boy, I can never take for granted the blessing of his life.  We have so much to be grateful for.  Even though tonight, Kimble has kept me awake for different reasons, I'm so thankful that he is actually here to keep me awake, and that I can hold him and love him and have him so deeply a part of my life.


Renny's little things said...

i have tears in my eyes..My little Isaac is going through the same with his teeth. I noticed his first this morning. Hold that beautiful man he loves you so much. Take care on your journey, rest often and stay safe.
Love to all from Australia
Geniene XX

Kim said...

Safe travels for you and your family. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Adri said...

Tears. Thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT trip!

Maynards said...

SSSOOOO glad things are so much better for you this year. I totally remember worrying so much about you and Kimble at this time last year. Have a great trip! If you are headed to know where to stop.

Colleen said...

So tender! Have a wonderful journey!

purejoy said...

so thankful for kimble too. he's a sweet treasure and a blessing to all who "know" him! hope you have a fantastic trip and time with family. Godspeed!

Nicki said...

OK--totally bummed that I missed your call but now I don't want to call and interrupt family time so call on your way home if you can. Lots of Love and I'm so glad that this year has passed. . . Now you just need to stop with the crazy dreams. Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Always Rite said...

Carazeeeee dream! ;]

Please write and publish a book soon! Children's book, novel, motivational... I'll take it any way I can get it! You are so totally talented!!! And you ever so eloquently express your thoughts!

I'm so happy that Kimble has become so healthy and strong! But then he has one awesome Mom!