Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowed-In Activities

In my previous post, I mentioned that after we got to Idaho, we became, essentially, snowed in at my sister's house.  Roads, freeways, schools and businesses were closed down and everyone was told to stay home unless you had an emergency.  After a few days like that, roads became passable again.  In an effort to get our dozens of children some wiggle room, we all ventured off to the grade school my brother-in-law works at, to play in the gym.

The only problem with that idea, was that we had to leave the warm house, walk through and over the snow drifts, slide across the icy ground, and find our way inside our perspective vehicles and buckle up little kids, all the while battling the fierce wind that brought the balmy 6 degree temperature to a bitter 20 below.  Brrrr.  Here is my brother Jamie, toting a kid, and braving the elements.

As we were waiting our turn to back up out of the driveway, I took lots of pictures.  Here is Jared, who went back inside because he couldn't leave without grabbing his basketballs.

I think poor Sharon got frozen to her driver's side window while waiting for her car to warm up.

I know I already showed this next picture, but I love it so much.  Poor Courtney was out in the wind for about five minutes, and I think she was nearing hypothermia by the time she jumped in the last car.

The country road was so overblown by the wind, that we had a hard time seeing where to drive.

After we got a few miles down the road, and were more "in town", the air was more clear and the wind lessened a bit.  Here is our train of vehicles, waiting for the last car to join up before we continued on to the school.
 Making our way through the snowy path, into the school.

I think Sharon was still frozen.

Waiting for the doors to be unlocked.

 Hooray!  We made it inside!  Let's get all the wiggles out!

Here is a sweet picture of Georgie and my sister (BFF!) Kim.

We played all sorts of "tag" games to get the kids moving.  During freeze tag, I was taking pictures, and then felt my sister Courtney crawl between my legs to "un-freeze" me.  So considerate, even though I wasn't tagged.

We also played cat and mouse tag. Georgie and Addi teamed up together. They are so cute.  Georgie kept my scarf on the entire time, to stay warm, and she even wore my socks on her feet, since her tights were footless.

 Courtney was sportin' some cute knee-high socks. I go weak in the knees over knee-high socks.  Just love them!

After lots of games, some of the family moved on to play Twister.  I had fun calling out the plays, and watching everyone get tangled.

However, no matter what I called out, these three never seemed to be phased.

Then I looked over again at the other playmat, and once again, Kim was all tangled up.

After a few hours at the school, we went back home and fixed dinner for everyone.  Turned out to be a really fun afternoon, even though we had to experience the tundra of southern Idaho on our way there and back.


runningfan said...

What awesome photos! The jumping shot is priceless. What a fun way to spend the break!

Maynards said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Love the pictures. We went to Idaho for Thanksgiving as well, and we were also stuck. We didn't get home until Monday evening because of the storms. bbbrrrrr

The Mitchells said...

Great pictures, looks like you all had fun!