Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooky Feast

I've never done a Halloween-inspired dinner, for the kids.  This year, I was determined to change that.  I found so many fun ideas, but this is what I decided to do.

For an appetizer, I made blood worms.  These worms both LOOKED and FELT real.  It was disgusting, and so wonderful.  I'll definitely be making these again, and think they would be just perfect for a kid's (or adults) Halloween party.  Recipe Found Here.

Skipping to dessert, I served up some Witches Fingers.  These also looked real.  Heath came down and said "Those are disgusting arthritic fingers.  Gross!"  However, they became his favorite of the  night, once he tasted them.  The recipe is like a sugar cookie recipe.  I added some orange zest too, for flavor and color.  After they were cooked, and cooled down, I presented them with a bowl of jellied blood for dipping  (raspberry jam).  It was definitely a success.  Recipe for Witches Fingers are found here (scroll to the bottom).

For our main menu, I made a meatloaf monster hand.  I miscounted, as I was molding it, and ended up with six fingers. I wondered why it looked a little off.  Oh well.  It was good.

As a side dish, I made Swamp Creatures.  Here is a link to the Site Where I Got The Recipe.  It was a great idea, but I didn't let the mac and cheese cool enough, in the muffin tins, so when I tried to flip it, my creatures fell apart.  So I've included the picture from the site, even though mine didn't turn out so pretty.  I followed Paula Deen's Mac and Cheese Recipe, and Tyler Florence's Creamed Spinach Recipe.

For a refreshing drink, we had bloody juice.  Yum!  Recipe Found Here.

It was a fun night for sure.  Everyone loved the themed dinner so much!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Those worms look so yuckey..
Looks creppy diner. (HEE HEE HEE)

The Girls' Mom said...

while Im sure your meal was delicious as always, looking at it made me almost throw up in my mouth! ahaha
that looked like a lot of work and love went into those dishes

Maynards said...

Awesome dinner! I seriously don't think I could eat some of it though. You did a great job! Nasty.

dippyrooroo said...

Amazing! And I think the monster hand is better with six fingers! I know what I'm doing next year!

Jeff and Lori said...

Ewww. And yum. Looks like a perfect Halloween feast.

Colleen said...

FUN STUFF! The witches fingers are so gross, we had breadstick ones and the nail...{shudder}. My mom made a monster meatloaf hand last year for us and I could hardly eat it after looking at it! There's just something about meat and body parts that's just too real! VERY fun, VERY cool Halloween feast!