Friday, November 5, 2010

A Year In The Making

I thought I would cry when my sweet baby boy turned one.  Every time I thought about him turning one, on the days leading up to his birthday, I teared up.  So when his actual birthday came, I was sure I would be a blubbering mess all day.  Instead, I just felt content.

Here is a boy who wouldn't have survived without immediate intervention after his birth.  Here is a boy who spent the night after his second heart surgery, teetering between life and death.  Here is a boy who had a cleft lip surgery and a third heart surgery just a month apart from each other.  Here is a boy who has a completely re-routed heart, and possible future surgeries to make his heart adapt to his growing needs.  Here is a boy who is living and thriving.  Here is a boy who has captured hearts so completely, as to make everyone instantly fall in love with him. Here is a boy with a very special spirit.   I am so happy that he is part of our family.

Kimble has been very adventurous lately.  He climbs stairs almost as fast as I can walk up them.  He hasn't figured out how to get down yet, so he  needs to be monitored closely.  He can crawl for a second or two, and then he gets down on his belly and scoots across the floor, and boy is he fast!  He also likes to pull himself up onto things, but doesn't always choose the sturdiest items, and often takes a tumble.  It's really no surprise that he has a black eye right now. 

Kimble likes to be vocal.  He loves his bottle and binkie.  He gets excited when I put him in his high chair to eat.  He twirls his little feet, as he eats, and it's so cute.  I finally got a video of it last night, as he was eating his cupcake.  We think he is absolutely adorable.

 My cousin made this hat for Kimble.  She makes great hats and other items.  Her etsy shop can be found HERE.  I saw this owl hat a month or so ago, and traded her a Dollie (like the one I made Georgie) for the hat.  I thought it was a great trade, and it came in the mail right on his birthday, so it was perfect.

Of course, we always take a family picture, on birthday days.

After that, Mr. Kimble opened his presents.  He really liked seeing what was in the bag, and pulling his presents out.  You can see, in my  hand, the giraffe that my sister Sharon made for him, that I talked about in a previous post.  Here he is searching for the next gift.

It was a teething toy, which he put in his mouth right away.  Perfect!

The teething toy, and the next gift, a Rainfall Rattle, were both from a Discovery Toys party I went to last month.  He loved it.

From a friend, he got a turtle stacker toy that sounded like a drum when you hit it, and it also changed colors and played music.  It was an instant hit.  Kimble banged on it for the rest of the night!

The kids loved sharing the excitement of his birthday too!

After presents, it was time for cake!  I made chocolaty-chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream frosting, and topped each one with a brownie heart.  I thought they came out cute, and for our heart baby, it was perfect.

 Kimble had no hesitation, when it came to eating the cupcake.  He was shoveling it in by the fistful.

Happy Birthday sweet Mr. Kimble!!  We love you so much, and are so incredibly blessed to have you in our life.


Julie said...

How adorable! Adam had just the opposite reaction to his cake. Maybe an indication of my cooking abilities vs. yours! It looks like the party was delicious and fun. Happy birthday!

purejoy said...

awwwww. is it weird that i'm tearing up??
what a blessing he is for your family. i love your traditions. the cupcakes look sinfully delicious and how cute is that kimble eating his??
i feel incredibly blessed to have YOU in my life!

Burns Family said...

He's adorable. What a wonderful year you have had. Isn't it an incredible blessing that the medical world, inspired by God can perform such feats. We count our own blessings still of its impact on our family! Love hearing about your sweet family.

Colleen said...

I LOVE the cupcakes! And I love that boy! What a day to celebrate!


What a wonderful first birthday. He is so fast on his tummy I was so impressed with how cute he looks while scooting too. Happy Birthday baby Kimble!

kadie dahl said...

He's so cute! I hope I get to meet him one day! I can't believe how big your family has gotten! The last time I saw them they were all so little! So cute! Miss you guys!

Shavonne said...

happy birthday to my little nephew! Words can't express how happy I am that he is able to celebrate his one year birthday! He looked adorable in all his pictures and all his cute hats. And he did an awesome job eating his birthday 'cake' :)

Julia said...

Oh Happy Day for you and your family!

Jen said...

Yay Kimble! Such a sweet special boy. Ok I need that cupcake recipe. They look awesome

Carol said...

So sweet!! Happy first birthday, Kimble!! It's been a treat to watch you grow!!

Jeff and Lori said...

Simply beautiful. What a fantastic little boy! Happy birthday Kimble! Those heart cupcakes look way yummy too. I'd probably take the same approach as Kimble.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Oooh Discovery Toys!! Great stuff. :) And those hearts on top of the cupcakes are so precious! What a great way to add a little special something to a regular cupcake, I'll have to steal this idea. :) Happy birthday Kimble!!!

Jed and Kera said...

My heart becomes overfilled with the Spirit when I look at Kimble! I truly believe also that this little guy is so special! Heavenly Father has big things in stored for him!

Maynards said...

Such a fun hat and cool toys! Happy Birthday Mr. Kimble.