Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Girl

This little girl woke up yesterday morning and snuggled up onto my lap, all tangled and squishy with sleep.  I said "I'm sure it's someone's birthday today, but I just can't remember!"  She said with  knowing smile "It's Kenni's birthday today".  Apparently, she turned five, and decided now was the time to be called her real name, or a version of her real name, anyway.  Kennedy just isn't an acceptable name for her right now, but according to her, Kenni is.  So there ya have it.  Looks like when we move, she will be officially introduced as Kenni.  Not sure I'm  happy about it, to be honest.  At any rate, I'm positive that "Georgie" won't disappear for good.

So, Kenni spent the morning getting beautified.  She took a bubble bath, got her hair blow-dried, and then we curled it.  She got some lip gloss on her lips and her favorite tights on her legs.  She was ready for her birthday day!  In fact, when I was curling her hair, The Husband called to wish her a happy birthday.  When asked what she was doing, she said "Momma's making me beautiful."

After we took pictures to document the fact that she is a whole hand old, we got started making her much anticipated  cupcakes.  Months ago, I showed This Recipe For Rootbeer Float Cupcakes to Georgie, and she agreed that we should make them.  The thing you may not realize, is that I pretty much suck at making cupcakes.  For some reason, they are not my cup of tea.  I always mess them up.  Maybe that's why my kids prefer other desserts, to cake, but any rate, I made them.  They didn't quite turn out as I had hoped, but they did the job.

Georgie Kenni had been looking forward to dinner all day.  She requested spaghetti.  This girl loves spaghetti, and would eat it every day if I was the type of mom to take requests like that.  I'm not.  As it is, we have spaghetti about once a week.  So spaghetti it is.  She got to pick a spot at the table to sit; wherever she wanted to, because she was the birthday girl. She chose Daddy's spot.  Oh, and we all had rootbeer to drink, which is a luxury in this house.  I never buy soda unless it's for a party or something.

After dinner, we took our traditional family picture, and then Georgie  Kenni opened her presents.
 She got some playdough, which I sneakily made this afternoon when she was busy watching UP, some Tinkerbell Figurines and a little purse to put them in, as well as the much anticipated Tinkerbell Fairy Rescue movie that I bought months ago when it was released.  She saw me put it in our shopping cart, even though I tried to hide it.  She was thrilled, but I told her it was for her birthday and she couldn't get it until then.

So for months, she's been saying:  "I can't wait until I can watch my Tinkerbell movie at my birthday!"  It was the last present she opened, and she announced what it was before she opened it.  The kids all thought she was magic, knowing her present before she unwrapped it.

Then, we moved on to dessert.  Georgie blew out the candles perfectly, and everyone ate their mini rootbeer float cupcakes and ice cream.  Afterward, everyone sat at the kitchen counter and played with her playdough until it was time for bed.
When she was  sent to bed, she said, with her purse tucked under her arm and her scarf around her neck "I'm so excited for kindergarten tomorrow.  I'm gonna show my new teacher my Tinkerbell stuff!"  I had to explain to her that even though she is five now, she won't start school until after the summertime is over.

This little girl is so excited to grow up. She talks about getting married and having babies when she's older.  She can't wait to get braces on her teeth (crazy girl) and always talks about it.  When she finds something neat in the store that she wants (last week it was a crazy colored broom and dustpan set) she will say "Mom, can I have this when I'm older?"  I always say yes, and she gets so excited.

She loves to dress up pretty and have her hair curly.  She always wants lipgloss on.  We have Vaseline in the bathroom and she applies it with precision every morning, and calls it her "golden lipstick", and since she can't say her L sounds, she says "whipstick".  She wants fingernail polish and bubble baths and hairspray.  She holds a mirror in front of her and admires her beautiful self all the time.  She may sound conceited (is that possible for a 5 year old?) but in actuality, she is just the sweetest most innocent pixie.  She's girly and dainty and we just love our little Georgie.  Oops, I mean Kenni.

Happy 5th birthday little girl!


Maynards said...

Sounds like the perfect Birthday for "Kenni." The cupcakes looked great!

runningfan said...

What an adorable girl! Both of my boys were under the mistaken impression that kindergarten started the day after their fifth birthdays. Bummer...

kdaygirl said...

I still want her to be called Georgie!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Happy birthday sweet girl.. I can't belive you are five.. I rember holding you the day you were born.. You were so cute and snuggly I feel in love with you that day..

Heath said...

Happy Birthday my sweet little Kenni, I mean Georgie. I love you.

purejoy said...

hearing about her birthday brought a little tear to my eyes… because i have a december birthday. and i remember being so disappointed to not being able to go to kindergarten the next day. soooo disappointed. such an adorable thing for her to be excited about.
i love her beautiful hair and her sweet smile and her little pixiness. she reminds me so much of my little peanut. who is now 19 {and a half}. treasure this… it literally flies by in the blink of tinkerbell's eye!

Adri said...

And, I called her Georgie all morning! Oops! Kenni looks BEAUTIFUL in her birthday pics and I think your cupcakes are darling. Your idea of 'not' doing something well???


Happy Birthday Kenni- you did a great job mom making a December birthday a "real birthday" and not just an extension of Christmas!

Ande said...

She is growing up. I love her pictures, she is so beautiful!!!! Can't believe she wants to be Kenni now. I guess it is time since that is what they will probably call her in Kindergarten.