Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas For The Girls

For the girls, I decided to make them some rag quilts for their beds.  They turned out great, although I haven't made them matching pillow cases yet.  I also have the ambition to make them some ruffle curtains, and a few other decorative things for their bedroom, using the same material.  I'll get to it....eventually.

I made Kamy an artwork caddy, since she is constantly coloring and drawing and writing.  I wanted her to have everything in one place, so as she moved around the house, she could easily take her stuff with her.  I didn't have a pattern or anything, making it up as I went along.  I think overall, it turned out great.

 For Georgie (and her cousin Jayne) I made a Princess and the Pea set.  It has a princess, a stack of mattresses, and of course, a pea.  I had a nice hardbound book included, too.  I think they turned out so cute.

I made the mattresses attached with velcro, so they could be interchangeable, but still stay together when stack.  Look at her sleeping.  Such a princess.  If you are interested, I got the idea for this HERE.

I made Georgie a little pocket notebook and crayon holder, so that when we go places, she will have a place to color.

I made Kamy a purse From This Pattern, called the phoebe bag, and it was so easy.  She loves it.  She brought it to church with her on Sunday, and inside, she had her scriptures, some lip gloss, a comb, and some paper and pencils.

I also had my friend's sister make these hats for the girls.  Adorable.  She will make any hat, to your specifications.  Her site is called JUICY, so go on over and give her some business!
They got a few other things that I didn't make (as well as the boys), but the majority of our Christmas was homemade.  It was a fun Christmas for us all!


Sharon said...

cute! i love all of it!

Anonymous said...

adorable. I need to teach myself to sew. I LOVE those headbands and just ordered three from my girls. I can't wait to post about it too.

Nicki said...

You are so creative! I love that purse you made for Kamy. . . one day. . . ooh, probably not;) The house is looking great and can't believe all you've gotten done over the Christmas break. I hope you get a nap every once in awhile. P.S. I was watching home video of our Christmas Eve with you guys. Sure love and miss you all!

purejoy said...

ohhh, adopt me!! tell me, how you manage to have time to do all this stuff? don't you have five kids (including a baby) and delicious meals to make and a house to clean and laundry to do?? where in the world do you find the time?
everything is SO adorable. you are the best mom. ever.

Jen said...

I love the girls quilts. I need to learn how to make them. Great for my boys beds someday.

Kim said...

The girls quilts turned out awesome. I miss my kids being little and when they loved all the toys. Now it's Ipods and Nooks. Enjoy this time, it goes by so fast.

Your house is looking great.

Heidi said...

I'm jealous of your talents! You always make such cute things. The hats are my favorite!

Heidi said...

ok.. just realized you didn't make the hats. But you totally could have! LOL

Dan and Katie said...

You are seriously inspiring! I love the idea of a homemade Christmas!

Maren said...

How did you make your princess dolls stand up? I went to the link you posted, but her doll has a flat seam at the bottom. Thanks!

shaina said...

If you are familiar with making a flat bottom, by sewing across the triangular corners, that is what I did. I didn't exactly follow her instructions, but adjusted it to how I liked it.