Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Impromptu Outing

Georgie, Kimble and I left the house about 9:30am this morning, to meet some of my friends for a birthday brunch.  After a lovely time socializing, we went our separate ways.  Instead of going home, I thought I'd take Georgie to see Tangled.  I should have taken her yesterday, on her birthday, but didn't think about it until the evening.  Anyway, she got some birthday money from her Grandma, and wanted to pay for her ticket. I was happy to let her.  However, we had some time to waste, before the movie at 12:30.  We stopped at Ross (my favorite store) and I found this cute polkadot fleece jacket for her, priced at just a few bucks.  Not finding anything else, we left the store and headed to the mall.

Rounding the corner, looking for an escalator for Georgie to ride, we saw that Santa was there!  Even better, there was NO line.  We skipped right up to the front and Georgie climbed on Santa's lap.  He asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and she said "A barbie. A beautiful barbie".  Then, when Santa told her to have a wonderful Christmas, she looked at him and said "We don't get to have a Christmas this year."  Santa was crushed.  He looked at me like I was the worst parent ever.  I had to explain that we are moving the week before Christmas, and although we had to draw the line at all of our Christmas decorations, that we would indeed, still be celebrating Christmas.

I think Santa forgave me. Then he spent a bit of time admiring the binkie clip I made Kimble.  He might have said "industrial" a time or two, which made me chuckle.  Anyway, after that, we went to see Tangled.  We practically had the theater to ourselves, with only two other people watching it with us.  Here's a quick picture I took right when the lights went low.

After the movie ended, which was really cute, we came home.  My arms are tired of carrying Kimble (and my heavy purse) around all day.  Next time I'll remember the umbrella stroller.  I mean, you know you're a mom when you can manage to use a public bathroom while holding a baby (and your purse because there isn't a hook to be found) in your arms as you relieve your bursting bladder, al lthe while managing your adventurous preschooler as she tries to open the stall door before you are ready...Anyway, it was a great impromptu outing.  Besides the bathroom bit (which is unavoidable) it was fun.


Jennifer Magreevy said...

LOL!!! Had to giggle at your bathroom-with-a-toddler-in-your-lap story. I've done the bathroom+luggage+stroller-with-screaming-toddler-at-the-airport scenario...and I think did have him in my lap for one occasion. Even better: you know you're a military mom when you get the stomach flu and have to do awful things in the potty with a toddler watching like a hawk. :)

The Mitchells said...

Was Kimble happy sitting in your lap the whole time? I can't take Addison to movies anymore she just cries and fusses and I spend most of the movie sitting outside of it! And why do preschoolers always want to open the door before you're done? I HATE that! And trying to go to the bathroom with a baby in your lap. I LOVE it when I see one of those little kids seats in the bathroom, but unfortunately I never see one when I actually need it. Why is that????

Dan and Katie said...

I want to go see a MOVIE! Sounds like a fun day! That is a cute "Kenni" story :)

purejoy said...

been there. done that. bathroom break with baby and toddler and panic over him touching EVERYTHING. oh dear.
i want to go see tangled. i feel like i need to go rent a kid… but bama girl is going to take me for my birthday (i have a free ticket! go me!!)
hahaha on georgie/kenni spilling the beans on no christmas and santa giving you the stink eye. too funny!

hope packing is manageable.