Friday, December 24, 2010

Kimble's Room

Kimble's room is small, and it also doubles as the guest room.  Except for some wall decorations (which I don't have yet), his room is done.  The curtain material, bedspread, rug, and the material for Kimble's bedding were all bought at different places throughout the year, and without an opportunity to make sure they matched, but they all look so great together!  I'm very pleased with the colors in his room.  It's bright and airy and makes me forget how small the room is.

If you are a guest, coming over to stay at our house, this is where you will sleep.  The bed is super soft,     there is a dresser in the closet, and the bathroom is only a few steps away.

The tissue globes, above Kimble's bed, are courtesy of my friend Adri, who stepped in to make some for me when I tried, and failed.  Thanks Adri!


runningfan said...

Looks terrific! I love the colors...and the crib looks great. :)

Adri said...

Looks great! So glad to have contributed a small part to Kimble's happy sleeping place!

Julie said...

Very cute! I'm amazed that your house is already coming together! Between the hospital stay and Christmas, you must be Superwoman to also have Kimble's room so put together. I can't wait to visit!