Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kimble's Update

This morning, an ultrasound was done on Kimble's neck and jaw area, to determine where the swelling was.  It is in his lymph nodes, but as of yet, no mass has developed.  Just the swelling.  Why did the swelling happen?  We still don't know.

There are two situations that could occur this week.  The first one being, the swelling will resolve itself, through the help of the IV antibiotics that he is on, and then we can go home.  If this happens, it will take through the weekend to resolve, and that means being in the hospital the entire time.

The second situation that could happen, is that a mass will develop, and then we will need to go up to The Denver Children's Hospital to get it drained surgically.  If this will occur, most likely it will present itself by Friday.

His blood work shows no elevation in white blood cells.  It's a mystery, right now, what is going on with Kimble.  We pray that it gets resolved quickly.

In the mean time, Kimble is doing well.  He is happy and active.  He wants to move around and is annoyed that we won't let him down.  He has to stay in his crib, or in our arms.  We were able to walk down the hall this morning, and have Kimble play in the playroom, but we can't do that anymore. Because Kimble hasn't had the mumps vaccine, it is possible that this is what he has.  Due to that, and the length of time it takes for blood work to come back to verify, we are under quarantine in our room.  It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

When we were checked into our room, in Pediatrics, we found this little quilt on the bed, with a note saying it was donated to us.  I feel like we heave come full circle.  We just finished doing the big blanket drive for The Children's Hospital, and now we are back to being patients again and having acts of service done on our behalf.  It's very inspiring, once again, to see such service in action.

Going back and forth to the hospital and home again, I'm grateful to be local this time, instead of up in Denver.  We have so much going on this week, with closing on our new house, packing up our current house, and moving over.  I'm so thankful to sweet and caring friends that have stepped in and taken care of things for me.  Between watching kids, picking up kids, bringing dinners, and organizing a day to pack up my house, we have been extremely blessed and very much taken care of.

Kimble is doing well.  More than anything, this is an annoyance on a very busy week.   However, as we have seen before, things can go from calm to horrendous.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.  I'll continue to keep everyone updated!


runningfan said...

Thanks for the update! I'm so sorry that illness at my house precludes helping you more. I'm sure your ward is coordinating things...and I'm out of that loop. Let me know what I can do from way over here. :)

Jed and Kera said...

you really can't get any cuter than a baby in a hospital gown. I sure hate that he has to be in one though. We are praying for ya'all!

vintage girl at heart said...

God is good in Friends..Prayer and Faith!! May your sweet little boy get well soon and be able to go Home to your new house!!

purejoy said...

thanks for keeping us updated on lil kimble. he looks so cute with that drafty ole hospital gown! ha!

hope whatever he has resolves itself and kimble will be back to his old self and y'all can focus on moving in.

thankful for friends who step in. it's the Body in motion.

Renny's little things said...

Fingers crossed that it is something as simple as the mumps!!!
Take care

Jen said...

Thanks for the update, What a bummer to be stuck in the hospital and quarantined to your room. Hopefully it will all resolve quickly. How nice to have a new blanket waiting for you. Glad people are helping you pack. If I was around I would pack. I am an organizing and packing maniac. Give that little Kimble a kiss from us and he is in our prayers.

Carol said...

It's a shame the labs take so long!! I'm so happy to hear that you are getting help, and can focus on Kimble's health right now. Hope he is doing better very soon!! Will continue to keep you all in our thoughts!!

Maynards said...

I didn't even get on my dashboard until today, so this is the first I have read about everything. I sure hope all goes well for Kimble. What a crazy thing to happen..and what timing! Good thing for the wonderful friends you (we) have there. If there is ever a place for bad things to happen, it is in a place surrounded by dear friends. You are in the perfect spot.

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear about Kimble. I hope they figure out what's going on with him soon. :(

Thank goodness for awesome friends!