Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Kitchen

This is the kitchen in our new house.  It doesn't have much counterspace, and the pantry is severely lacking.  In fact, it's lacking so much, that I need to use shelves in my garage, for all my canned goods, as well as my large baking and cooking items (my wok, pie pans, serving dishes, etc).  However, I love the wood floors and how nicely all my appliances match.

I made the curtains, which I still need to tweak a bit to get them the way I want them (by adding hooks to the top, and having tie-backs).  Also, I need some new curtain rods, but besides that, I love them. There is great light that comes through the windows during the day, and really brings out the nice yellow color of the curtains.  I also love my polkadot oilcloth tablecloth that I made for our (new!) dining set.  It brings so much brightness and fun.

I still have some pictures to hang up in here, but the kitchen was nice and clean, so I took pictures!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Your kitchen is very cute.. I love your floors too.

Queen of Chaos said...

It's really cute!