Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yes. I'm finally packing.  We got word that we should all be good to go for closing on our house this Thursday, and in turn, moving over on Saturday.

For me, packing isn't just throwing things in a box and closing it up.   It's going through every little thing; sorting through it; making piles of trash or goodwill; cleaning as I go.  It takes longer, but I love the end result:  A completely beautiful and organized "new space" for everything in the next house.

I've gotten pretty good at this.  Two years ago, we moved three times in one year.  Crazy.

So anyway, I better get back to packing...Oh, and while I've been busy, Mr. Kimble has found a way to crawl out of his high chair.  Guess I'd better strap him in now.
And for humor sake, I just overheard Kamy, who is in the kitchen peeling an orange, singing to herself with a made-up tune "Oh, yes, I'm eating an or-range! Oh No, I'm not gonna get scurr-vy!"


courtney said...

scurvy? Are you afraid that is going to happen so you teach your kids, "If you don't eat your oranges you will get scurvy!"

Interesting approach to getting your kids to eat things, but I still dig it!

shaina said...

I'm not sure where Kamy picked that one up, but I don't have to encourage them to eat fruit. It's like candy in our house.