Monday, December 20, 2010


We are making progress on our house.  It was a busy weekend, for sure, with packing on Friday and moving over on Saturday.   We couldn't have done it without the wonderful help we recieved from dear friends, who sacraficed their days to help us get everything done.  On Sunday we said "See you soon" instead of "Goodbye" to our church friends.  Even with that, I cried instantly whenever someone came over to give me a hug.  Great friends, friends that have become family, are so hard to walk away from.  I only hope that we all follow through with our promises to still see each other.  I can't bear to think of any other result.

Anyway, I better get back to unpacking everything.  Hope everyone is enjoying this week before Christmas!


The Girls' Mom said...

Good Luck! can't wait to see pics of the finished product

Renny's little things said...

Yea progress!!! Have had a hard three days not having an update!!!
How far is it to your church? could you go over there once a month or so? I am sure you will keep in contact
Cheers to you can't wait to see your chrissie pics in the new house
Cheers from Aus

Maynards said...

You did it! The worst part of moving is over. Now you just get to unpack and set up your cute new home. Hooray.
I totally understand the "leaving the friends" thing. At least you can drive a few minutes and see them. I still fall apart anytime someone from Colorado posts pictures of friend stuff on blogs. We are sure blessed with wonderful women in our lives.

Carol said...

Hope you get good and settled in time for Christmas!! Hope everyone is healthy & enjoying your new home!! (Love that you were still wearing your hospital bracelet in your new home picture - it tells your family's story!)

Queen of Chaos said...

One year, we moved right before Christmas. It was difficult, but it sure motivated me to get everything done!

I know how you feel about leaving good friends behind. Even if they're an hour away, or closer, it's not the same. But, if they're family, you'll see one another as much as you can. It's just that way with good friends!

I'm glad you guys got some much needed help! What a great gift of service that your friends gave. We've been the recipients of selfless service too, and it feels wonderful knowing there's people around you that love you enough to stop their lives and help.

Enjoy your new home! It's waiting for happy memories to be made within its walls.
And Merry Christmas! :)

{Hugs to little Kimble. I hope he's feeling better?}