Friday, December 31, 2010

Shopping With Mr. Kimble

Before Christmas, Kimble accompanied me on my errands.  We went to Kohl's, Costco, and Walmart.  By the time we got to Walmart, he was exhausted.  He had fallen asleep in the car, and I thought he would wake up in the transfer from his carseat to my shoulder, but he didn't.  So after a few minutes, my arms were tired from holding him with one arm, manipulating a mischievous shopping cart with the other, all while trying not to run into the entire town of people that decided to shop at Walmart that afternoon.  I didn't have a blanket with me, but I was right next to an aisle of big thick towels.  I grabbed two and made a makeshift bed in the front of the cart, and laid him in it. 
He was so tired, he didn't even budge.  For the next hour, he slept blissfully, as I went around the store gathering random things I needed for our new house, as well as getting food for the next week of dinners.
When I checked out, he was still sleeping.  I put  him back in his carseat, buckled him in, and he slept until we got home.


runningfan said...

That is a serious sleeper!

purejoy said...

shopping wears me out too. sadly, no one will shop while i sleep! he's sooooo cute (i know, the first time i've ever said that, right??). could just eat him right up!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Ben was like that when he was a baby he still is a sound sleeper.