Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mountain Sledding

Yesterday we joined four other families up in the mountains, to go sledding!  Whahooo!  I love sledding so much!

 Georgie, with her friend Luke.

Keaton and Kolby took turns on this borrowed snow board, and had a blast with it.  Thanks, Zach, for letting us borrow it!

I took Georgie down, but what you can't see, is the speed we had.  We had just come down from a little jump, and were going so fast.  If you enlarge this picture, you can see Georgie's poor shocked face.

Here, I was trying desperately to slow us down, because in just a few feet, was a cliff.
 Ahh, just barely stopped in time.  A few people actually went over the cliff, and while it just takes a bit to climb back up, it really wasn't dangerous, unless you hit the tree...which some people did.

This picture is deceiving.  It wasn't nearly that steep, but  through the art of photography, it makes you believe it!

 My kids had such a fun time.

 Georgie took the opportunity to ask everyone she could, if they would take her down the hill.  I love this next picture with her and Adam.  They were going fast, and you can't even see Georgie's face, with all the snow spray.

Chad took her down plenty of  times....and even gave her a lift on the way back up.  Such a good guy.

Adam went down with Kamy too.
 Kimble was sleeping soundly in the car, during most of the activities, but he woke up about the time everyone took a hot chocolate break.  So we spiked his milk with chocolate, and let him ease into the festivities.
 Here are most of the kids, drinking their hot chocolate, and cutting the sugar with  some donuts.
 Then we hit the slopes again, this time, giving Kimble a 'short' ride down the track.

Georgie started going up and down the hills by herself, and had a blast doing so.

We took a few turns ourselves.

 Mr. Kimble was happy to sit on the tarp and watch.  He was super warm in all his layering pajamas and fleece coats.
 He also got lots of snuggles and kisses, which is something we just can't help but do when holding Kimble.

I had to be  quick with this next shot, and although my camera focused on the background, instead of the forefront, I still love the picture.

I quite enjoyed the time I had with my friends!  So glad that we can still get together, even though I moved!
After a few hours, we went home.  What a fun day!


Dan and Katie said...

How fun!

Language Friendly said...

Happy New Year!! We would like to be friends with you! Follow us on

runningfan said...

Looks like a blast! Great pictures!

Colleen said...

It was SO fun! I loved every minute. And that picture that looks super steep with Kamy and Heath, the best part is that Kamy looks almost bored, like "This totally steep, nearly vertical slope is just lame!"

kendra said...

not kidding - I've been thinking about you for weeks! I need to get better at calling/texting/emailing/blogging -SOMETHING when I think about people...I hope everything went well with your move and Christmas and everything that happened at the same time.

Sledding looks amazing - I miss you guys! Also, I really am going to have to try that coconut chicken - looks good!

purejoy said...

wow. so much fun {and that's a lot coming from me… hater-of-all-things-cold/winter} and what fun excercise!! kimble {as usual} looks adorable.

Sara said...

Kimble is such a cutie :)