Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Workout Blog

I'm sure many of you don't want to hear about my daily journey to exercise and lose weight.  So I made a separate blog, to document my journey.  If you care to be my cheering section, feel free to hop on over and follow my new blog too.  It's called Watch Shaina Shrink and I've posted the link on my sidebar as well.  I could really use the support.  I'm in this 'till the end!


courtney said... look it up, it is great!

Erica Hettwer said...

Now that is just too funny! I started a blog just for my workout stuff and called it "The Incredible Shrinking Mom". Great minds think alike! :D

purejoy said...

mmmm i could do that too, but then that would mean i'd have to get off my large behind and do something!


wishing you all the best as you lose!

Sara said...

Awesome, I'm totally going to watch you shrink! What a great idea! If you haven't already, you MUST check out that one book I recommended--I promise it will you help you on your journey! Eat Clean Diet.

Trinette McCrary said...

Way to go girl!