Friday, January 28, 2011


I've been working on my 2010 blog book.   It's taking up all my time, because I need to get it done in the next week or so.  I have a great coupon to use (Thanks Heidi!) and it expires the 9th of February.

I got my 2009 blog book done a few weeks ago, and I got it in the mail this week.  It's beautiful.  I love having my blog printed out.  All those stories and pictures...just lovely to have.

I've been asked a lot if I'm going to make another cookbook.  I definitely have plenty of recipes I've posted since the first issue, and I have more that I use regularly, and haven't shared.  Are you interested?

I got our first mortgage payment bill in the mail today.  I accidentally ripped it up and threw it away with the junk mail.  Oops. Had to fish it out of the garbage.  Hope the mortgage company doesn't mind the bill being in pieces.  It's the check they are after anyway, right?

I'm crocheting again.  It makes me happy.  I only wish my little projects wouldn't take so much time to make.

Since being on my weight loss journey, I've had less of a desire to try out new recipes.  For that reason, you might not see many new recipes posted for a while.

I was given two beautiful house plants, from a friend, before we moved.  She gave me instructions on how to care for them, and assured me that they would be just fine, even though I told her that I can't keep plants alive for the life of me.  Well, it's been over a month.  They aren't looking too good.  What am I doing wrong?  I don't water too much.  I don't sun them too much.  I just don't know.  The cats really like to mess around with the plant.  Maybe  that's the problem?

I came home from a workout yesterday, and didn't feel like collapsing in bed afterwards.  Progress!

I keep meaning to have an open house.  Two of them, actually.  One for my new area, and one for everyone in my old area.  Why don't I just schedule it?  I think I'm just afraid that nobody from the old area will come down, and I don't feel like I know enough people in my new area to invite yet.  Stupid anxiety.  I'm always afraid nobody will like me, or that people will easily forget me.  Why am I like this?

Gilmore Girls comes on every day at 3pm.  I'm hooked.

I sent out 130 belated Christmas letters last week.  At least half were to family.  I have a lot of family.

I'll post the letter here, for all of my bloggy friends to read. However, if you read my blog, then you basically know what was in my Christmas letter.

Waiting on W2's makes me annoyed.

Planning a trip to Utah, Idaho, and Washington this summer (July).  If anyone wants to get together, let me know and we'll schedule you in!

The rest of the summer, we'll be home.  If you are planning on driving through Colorado, feel free to use our Bed and Breakfast.  We'll even have Kimble sleep in my room, so you will get your own private room!  I know.  Luxury, right?

That's basically it.


Sharon said...

I want to be scheduled into your trip. And I'll head over their sometime, still to be determined... I want to see your crocheted projects... Month of crochet??!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I'd definitely be interested in a new recipe book. My hubby and I have fallen in love with your lasagna soup and crockpot stroganoff recipes from your current book. In fact, your current book sits in my recipe stand on top of even my own personal binder of recipes. And when my husband asks where I got the new recipes, I always say "My Friend Shaina"...even though I've never met you, and only found your blog when someone else linked to it to share your recipe book. Glad I found you...and the yummy recipes. :)

Dan and Katie said...

Yeah, you are like the last person that should worry about people not liking you...silly girl

Love Lorri said...

I would love to have another cookbook! I loved your first and would love your second! I love your adorable blog! If I lived in either area I would come to your open house (if you invited me) ~smile~

courtney said...

When in July so that I can try to schedule the rafting day with my friend. This time when you guys come for Nancy's wedding, Sharon and I won't break up the BFF' and Kim can stay in the same house.

I like having your recipes on your blog because then I don't have to go searching for a book that usually sits in my cupboard collecting dust. I can get on your blog and be reminded every time I brouse your blog of the many yummy recipes that I intend to try. I rarely look at recipe books now a days.

Throw a party and expect no one to come and that way you will be happily surprised that you are very very popular indeed!

runningfan said...

I would absolutely come down for a party! Especially if you serve Chicken Enchilada dip. :)

Andi said...

Shaina, I know you just recently posted that you received you blog book from blub, I'm stealing your idea and doing the same. But if you could, would you mind posting some pictures of your book so I could see/steal some ideas. What size did you use, how does the front cover look, front page, did you deciate it, did you do an intro page, if so what does it say. I'm just really curious if you wouldn't mind.

Colleen said...

Hooray for blog books done and almost done! And you are a pretty hard girl to forget, just don't YOU forget us! Party on, girl!

kendra said...

I loved your letter and the picture is awesome! Thanks.

I'm just here grabbing your coconut chicken recipe, gonna try it tonight. Sounds good.

Karen and Matt said...

I think it's so awesome that you can print your blog into a book. I want to do that with mine, first I need to blog more for that to happen. =) I think you should do another cook book, love the recipes from the other one! I totally would by one if you did. =)
As for your houseplants I have no clue because I can't keep mine alive either. We got a plant from a neighbor that is a single lady, and she didn't have any use for it. So she gave it to us since the delivery person delivered it to our house since she wasn't home. Matt took it to her, and that's when she gave it back to him. It really is pretty, but I hope I can keep it alive. My Mom says just feel the soil if it's moist don't water. Water 1 a week if it's not moist just a cup full or more. Sounds simple, but doesn't work for me...Usually!

Maynards said...

We would be thrilled to see you in July! Schedule us in.
I know how you feel about worrying you will be forgotten. It was so hard to be new here and not have any friends yet, and to feel like my friends in CO might forget me. It was terrible.
Time can heal a lot of things, and it can prove who your real friends are. My CO friends are all still so awesome and still in contact, and we have some great new friends here as well. At least you are only 30 minutes away. You can have the best of both worlds!

Julie said...

Just ordered my first blog book yesterday. Thanks for your help! I have another one in the works.

I would love to come and see you, and if I lived in your area, I would totally come to the open house!