Saturday, January 1, 2011


We haven't really made resolutions...uh, ever.  Not vocalized, anyway.  Last night, we had one minute to write down  three resolutions.  Can you guess who made them?  I've mixed them up, but three belong to me, and three belong to The Husband.

1. Lose weight.
2. Brush teeth at least once a week.
3. Grow taller.
4. Stucco backyard wall.
5. Keep the house clean.
6. Donate cellulite to science.

Edited to add:  Here are my resolutions.  Obviously I didn't take it seriously.
1) Grow taller
2) Brush teeth at least once a week
3) Donate cellulite to science

Here are The Husband's resolutions.
1) Lose weight
2) Stucco backyard wall
3) Keep the house clean

I think I'll let The Husband do #3 as much as he wants to!


purejoy said...

haha. science doesn't even deserve cellulite! hope you and your family have a blessed 2011.

runningfan said...

Pretty sure you couldn't pay me to guess whose owns the cellulite, but I'm betting that #2 belongs to Heath.

Julia said...

Great resolutins! I have no doubt that if my family sat down and wrote three each we would know whose are whose! Happy 2011 to your family!

Jeff and Lori said...

Love the resolutions! If making a resolution made it possible, growing taller would be on my list every year :) That and keeping the house clean.