Thursday, January 20, 2011


The thing that most excites me about working out, is taking a spinning class.  I've heard such great things about spinning!  Close friends of mine have lost a lot of weight, simply by spinning and eating healthy.  Since I've always loved riding a bike, I felt like this would be my groove.  This would be what I embrace.  This would be what I can stick with.  So I signed up for my first class this morning.


I thought I was ready for the "saddle soreness".  By that, I mean that I knew it would happen, but...ouch.  From what I hear, it takes a few weeks to harden up, so to speak.  But I can do it!

Another thing I wasn't quite expecting, was the length of the class.  I thought it was 30 minutes.  Nope.  One hour of spinning.  One hour of never stopping.  One hour of "Ok, now we are going to climb for 12 minutes, with five increments of resistance...ready?  Up out of the saddle.  Let's go!"

I would have quit many times over if I had been by myself.

But I wasn't by myself.  I was in a room full of people and they were all doing it.  Some were even shouting with glee.  Me? I was concentrating.  "Breathe in.  Breathe out.  You can do it.  Did you hear her?  Just twenty more seconds and then you can sit down.  You can do it!"  All the while, music was blaring through the speakers. It was great, and very motivating.  I love the music!

And I did it! I finished the whole hour without dying.

After the class, my biker neighbor, whom I had exchanged a few words with before class, asked me how I liked the class.   I said, "It pretty much kicked my butt, and that's exactly what I need."

Spinning class:  I'm here to stay.


Adri said...

I'm so proud of you and your work out determination! Chad and I are notorious NON-working-outers, but are trying to be more healthy this year, and have started (small) steps toward that goal. Thanks for the inspiration!

purejoy said...

dude. i'm not worthy. you are my hero.

i did the elliptical for 48 minutes. i didn't die. i sweated. i will be able to walk tomorrow. i shall work harder next time, too.

you rock. hope your … uh… lady parts feel okay tomorrow. : )

Anonymous said...

Hey a word from a fellow spinner get a gel seat and you can take your own seat next time. Personally I like knowing my behind is the only one on it and two it is a bit more comfy than the ones on it. Keep rockin it. I lost 100 lbs just by changing the way we ate and started exercising. I know work out 4-6 days a week and go through withdrawals if I don't get to. psst you can burn almost 1000 calories spinning!!

courtney said...

I heard spinning was super hard so nice job! Even hearing about it makes me never want to do it so koodos to you for doing it the whole time and here's to getting your butt kicked to a happier healthier you!

Julia said...


Sara said...

Loved it! Those first few classes are killer! I would always pick some amazing athletic girl (or the instructor) in the class who had the body I wanted, and use them as motivation while I was huffing and puffing-- "I'm here to look like her--and she spins!!" ;) Trying to keep up with them helped keep me going! Great work! Keep us posted!