Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things Are Going To Change

That's right.
It's time.
Starting today, things are going to change.  Namely, my weight.
It's going to go down.
Yes.  It will!

I'm not having any more babies.
I'm not breastfeeding any more.
There are no more excuses.
Time to slim down again.

My body doesn't like to lose weight. 
It's been a struggle all my life.
I've always been "the curvy sister".
I've always had the hourglass figure.

I'm sick of seeing my size go up.
Time for it to go down.

Wish me luck.
I will do this!


Sharon said...

you can do it!!! I know you can

Karen and Matt said...

I know you can do it too! Go Shaina!!!!

Jeff Ann Ehre & Benjamin said...

Other than the fact that I will probably have 1-2 more kids...I'm right there with you! :) We are both in for a good challenge. How are you going about this?

2nd don't know me, not sure how I started following your blog but I have a friend who's baby is going onto heart meds to lower his blood pressure ( 4 month old) to help fix a hymangioma (sp?) was Kimball ever on Prophryenol? Any advice for a worried mother?

DougandSheilah said...

Good luck! Know you are not alone. I am on a quest to weigh what I did in highschool or at least pre-babies. I still have 30lbs to go.

Nanci said...

I've been on the same kick for about 6 months so I'm with you and know you can do it! Good Luck.

Colleen said...

Good luck, Shaina! When you decide to do something, you are so determined it is always accomplished, so I have NO doubt you will meet your goals!

Kati said...

My life story! It is soooo not fair that some of us struggle so bad with weight.

Now I want a cookie, ;)

Heidi said...

You can do it!

The Girls' Mom said...

Im right there with ya! Maybe we can be accountable to each other a little? I so need that :)

Shannon said...

I'm in the same boat and just made the same commitment. Good luck, or should I say, hard work to you! I've already lost a few pounds and it feels great!