Friday, February 4, 2011

15 Months

My sweet little Kimble is 15 months old today. He is growing big and strong and has lots of energy.  He loves to climb up the stairs, and can now slide down the stairs pretty fast on his belly.  He learned that trick from Georgie.

Mr. Kimble loves to get into things now.  Cupboard doors are treasure troves waiting to be discovered.  He likes exploring the bathroom too, and I'm dreading the day someone leaves the toilet seat up.  He also loves to go outside, and gets so excited on our little outdoor adventures.

Kimble loves to play downstairs with the kids, in their bedrooms.  He is also trying to climb up onto stuff.  Although he's not strong enough yet for most things (like the bookshelf in the kid's room) he will climb onto footstools, and last week I found him on the bottom  rung of the boys bunk bed, holding on for dear life.  He can also slide off of things with relative ease, like the beds and couches, and he is really really good at knocking things over.

Kimble loves to play "catch you" games.  He tries his hardest to crawl away as fast as he can, in a fit of giggles, but he loves to be "caught".  Kimble will try to stand by himself, if he is on my bed with me.  The cushion of the bed helps support his feet, but otherwise, he won't stand on his own yet.  His balance is still rather shaky.  But he will walk along furniture, walls, cupboards, and the like.  He'll also walk as he's holding onto both of my hands, but it's not very fluid yet.

Kimble goes crazy over the remote controls, cell phones, and flashlights he finds.  He gets very upset when these favorites are taken away from him.

Kimble loves peanut butter sandwiches and crackers.  He likes to bite into his Daddy's sandwiches.  He loves to drink water out of a cup at dinner time, and still takes his bottles of warm milk throughout the day.  For the most part, he sleeps through the night, averaging about 11 hours of sleep.  Sometimes he wakes up, but the majority of the time he sleeps like an angel.

Kimble likes to smile for the camera now.  He really cheezes it up, with his forehead dimples and crooked smiles.  If Kimble is in the other room, and  I'm looking for him, all I have to do is call his name "Kimble!"  and he will reply with a "YA!"  For that reason, I'm claiming that as his first word.  Sometimes I go in another room, and call him, just to hear him say "Ya!"

Kimble makes lots of vocalizations, like Dadada and Mammaa, as well as grunts and squeals, but he hasn't put meaning behind those sounds, so I don't count them as words.  When he looks at me, and says "Mamma", then I'll attribute that to knowing another word.  However, he understands a lot of what I say.  He knows what "No" means, and if I say "come here", he will come.

Kimble is still the sweetest baby boy.  We love him to pieces!


Nicole said...

Your little boy is adorable. Mama was the first word mine said. And the only thing for two years. Everything was Mama. And especially me. But I was glad when eventually another sound was added to the vocabulary.

purejoy said...

he's a busy one and 100% boy! i can see he is a treasure to the entire family!

runningfan said...

It's such a thrill for me to see him leading such a happy, healthy life. I can only imagine how you must feel! :)

Jeff and Lori said...

He is an absolute ray of sunshine! I love how he crinkles his nose just like his mommy when he smiles big. He's doing so well!

Colleen said...

15 months! And such a sweet boy. What a blessing Kimble is. And his smile is just like his mama's. I am so behind on Tommy's 15 month post, I have taken pictures for it, I just haven't written it. Maybe it will have to be a 16 month post. :)