Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning, Mr. Kimble and I drove over to our old stomping grounds, and donated blood.  This is us, on the way out the door.

He fell asleep in the car for a bit, and then woke up giggling when we arrived.

We met The Husband there.  He was just finishing up with donating blood.  We took a quick picture, then traded spots.  Mr. Kimble ate oreos and drank juice, with his daddy, while they waited for me.

Then I was done!  I'm a very quick bleeder, and was in the chair less than five minutes.
Mission accomplished.  Heath and I saved lives today!


Jennifer Magreevy said...

Okay, I giggled a bit at your quick explanation: "I'm a very quick bleeder". Don't start off a conversation that way. :)

MaloyMayhem said...

I really wanted to come donate, but then everyone decided that getting sick would be a fun way to spend the day instead!! Good Job for saving a life!!

Colleen said...

It was fun running into you! You really are looking great. :)