Saturday, February 12, 2011

Household Facts

Interesting facts, musings, and tidbits about our household.

I use more toilet paper than everyone else in my household combined, and that is not because I use an excess of toilet paper.  It's because I USE toilet paper.

Kolby would rather steal sweets, and take the punishment, than to not have sweets at all.

Mr. Kimble wakes up at 6:45 AM almost every morning.

The Husband stays up the latest, and gets up the earliest.

Georgie asks "What can I do now, momma" at least 15 times a day.

Kamy reads for at least an hour, every night, after I send her to bed.

Keaton and Kolby both sleep in their jeans 90% of the time.  I can't figure out why they refuse to change into pajamas.

Georgie sleeps on the ground, next to her bed, or in the closet, most nights.  She just doesn't like her bed, apparently.

My kids love "new recipe" nights, and love to proclaim new "keepers" to our recipe collections.

We forget "garbage day" just about every other week, which leads to massive effort to stuff the garbage can as full as it will go the following week.

If I lived closer to the gym, then there would be some days that I would go more than once a day.

The Husband's laptop is almost in pieces, thanks to Kimble's obsession with knocking it over.

I use conditioner to shave my legs.

I saw some amazing legs at the gym, and decided that was what I wanted my legs to look like.  Then, I saw the person get up from the machine, and it was a man.  Boy, did he have great looking legs.

Keaton hates getting his hair cut, but he doesn't want to style his hair either.  Thus, it gets cut short.

Kamy is getting to the age where she wants to shower by herself now, because Georgie asks too many questions.

I've wanted to get The Husband a Clapper for years and years.  He always leaves lights on, then doesn't want to get out of bed to turn them off.

The cats like to sleep downstairs with the kids.

I have a box full of "too small clothes" in the garage.  I'm really hoping in a few months, they turn into the box full of "too big clothes".

I do one load of dishes and one load of laundry every day.

I haven't eaten sugar in a month.

I change 99% of Kimble's diapers.

Kolby gets allergy medicine every day.

Apparently, I used up all my google storage, when it comes to pictures on my blog.  I didn't even know I had a storage.  I had to pay 5 dollars, to get more storage, so I could post more pictures on my blog.

I'm at the desperate stage of growing out my hair, that I'm ready to chop it all off again.

I wonder how Kolby can be the sweetest kid ever, and then throw a massive fit the next minute.

...until next time.


runningfan said...

LOL at the toilet paper comment. Since I've been on IV fluids I've been using about 65 times more than usual....but that's probably TMI.

Melanna said...

Hehe, this list made me laugh. I can totally relate.
Re: The clapper. When we moved into our current house (4 years ago) hubby and I would always get in bed and then realize we left the light on and then neither wanted to leave the warmth of the bed to turn off the light. So my husband went and installed the best light ever. It has a remote and a dimmer. So, if I want to read in bed with a dimmer light, or if he needs a tiny bit of light in the morning but doesn't want to wake me, we can use the dimmer. And at night if we're both in bed, we have a remote to turn it off. Totally lazy, but no arguments (playful of course) about who has to get up to shut it off!

Nanci said...

Loved all the family trivia and it's posts like these that make us feel like we really "know" you and had dinner with you last night. As a child I slept under my area rug instead of in the bed and parents never understood why either.

Patti said...

I just love your blog; it's so REAL! Oh, and my kids sleep in their jeans, too; I finally stopped buying pajamas for my 15 y.o. son.......

courtney said...

I always like learning new things about your or even hearing that the weird things about your family are not so weird if my kids do it too.

P.s. I love hand me downs! We will take those clothes if you want us to!

Diana said...

I'm in the desperate hair stage too. UGG! And I think I'll join you in the no sweets category. Besides the chocolate covered strawberries in my fridge right now. I'll eat some of those til they are gone and then I'll commit. Maybe that will keep my pregnancy pounds off!

PS--I'm finally commenting on your blog--I used to see you in the mothers lounge quite a bit right before you moved.