Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Build A Snowman

...according to Keaton

(This was a paper he wrote at school, which I received today at Parent/Teacher Conferences.)

I've always wanted to make a snowman, but I never got the chance.  Follow my instructions to make a perfect masterpiece.  First, roll a snowball.  Roll it until your arms get tired.  This will make your base.

Next, make your center two feet long and your head one foot.  Stack the balls on top of each other from biggest to smallest.

For the eyes, get rocks.  Put them in the center of the head.  For the nose, get a long carrot.  Put the carrot flat side in between and beneath the eyes.  Get twenty-one little rocks for the smile.  Put them under the nose.  Don't forget the clothes.  Get some more rocks.  Place them in a row down the center of the middle ball.  Get one more rock the size of the eyes, and put it on the top of the base, for a pants button.

For the arms, two sticks that are the same length.  Place them on the side of the center. If your snowman turned out great, tell the directions to another kid and it will go on for ages.


runningfan said...

What a great story! I totally love it.

Nanci said...

What a wonderful story!