Sunday, February 13, 2011

Songs about moms, sandwiches, and drawings...

Georgie is sitting next to me, at the piano. She's playing a made-up tune and singing along.  It's so funny, that I started typing what she said.  Here goes:

You have to ask your mom if you want to do something.
She asked her mom.
"Mom, what can I do?"
"You can go have lunch.  It's lunch time."
So she had lunch.
But sissy, you have to have a sandwich first, then chips.
Oh wait, I have to go to the bathroom.
...  (three measures of silence)
Ok, I'm done.
Oh yes.  I'm eating lunch.
I won't get in truuuuuuble.  Oh no.

If you want to ask your mom
but you are scared in the dark..for now.
Then you should turn on the lights!
And read a stack of books. (said with fervent staccato)
And you can do something that is fun...
like playing with your balloon
playing ball with your friends, because...
it's your birthday.
Because your friends are nice to you.
Your frieeeends are nice to you.

If you want to do something, then do lunch.
I asked my mom..."Is it lunch time?"
"Yes it is lunch time."
"Ok mom, then make my lunch.  I choose saaaandwiches."
"I'll eat the crust,
because I like the crust!"

If you want to do something,
then ask your mom "what can I do?"
"Sweetie, you can draw."
Yes, I like drawing. It's soooo great.
Drawing is my hoooooomework.

If you want to hear the "O" song, then just sing it to your mom.
Then ask your mom.
Ask your mom (sang an octave higher)
Ask your mom "what can I do?"
Because you are so beautiful sissy.
You are so beautiful, I wish I could be like you.
"Oh, mom.  You are a grown up."
Yes, that's more like it.
I waste so much time, I can't do anything.
I know what you can do.  You can do stamps!
Oh mom, I won't make a mess!
Mom says "Ok, you can do stamps!"
"Ok, you can do stamps!"  (sang an octave higher)
"Can I dress up as a maid?"
"Oh, yes, if you want to!"

Then Kolby walked in and started playing his own tune, which ended Georgie's singing time for the day.


Jeff and Lori said...

This makes me smile :)

courtney said...

This could possibly be my most favorite post ever!