Monday, February 28, 2011


It's inherent, in boys, to do boy things.  Without ever seeing an example, Mr. Kimble chose this little car out of his supply of toys, and started pushing it across the carpet.  It entertained him forever.  It has a neat clicking sound that gets demonstrated when the tires move across the floor.  It's chunky, and therefore easy to hold on to, especially since the mover is on all fours himself.  Plus, it has bright and fun colors.  I think I might have to find some more chunky cars for my little guy to play with.  It'll be even more fun, if I can teach him how to say "Vroom!".


Julia said... sweet!

runningfan said...

Don't buy chunky cars....I have a million and would be happy to loan them. If I have another girl, you can keep them. :)

mickey said...

Isn't it funny-- we grew up in a time when male/female sterotypes are supposed be be passe, but no one told the children! I remember when my son was little we forbade guns and weapons-type toys so we wouldn't "encourage violent play". Yeah. This boy who wasn't allowed to even glance at Ninja turtles one day picked up a can of sewing machine oil from an aisle in the fabric store, aimed and "shot" at me with motions and loud sound effects ("P-choo!-Pchoo! Gotcha!") He was two.
so happy to see Mr. K doing well and yes, you do have beautiful children!

Colleen said...

It's so true! Tommy doesn't say "vroom" but he does make this little "vvvvvvv" sound when he pushes cars across the floor. It is one sound he's totally cued into. Strange!

Julie said...

Fun! Adam loves that little truck too. And, probably because he watches Derek and Evan do it all day, he totally makes sound effects while he pushes it around. We need to get our boys together!