Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday, In Numbers

Yesterday, I:

Swept up two dustpans full of dirt and crumbs.
Helped with five sheets of homework, three of which belonged to Kolby.
Did one load of dishes.
Had Georgie stand in the corner three times for her attitude.
Fed Kimble four bottles of milk.

Burned one pot of soup because I was distracted by cleaning the kitchen and forgot to stir it.
Did three loads of laundry.
Finished one game of scrabble (words with friends) with my college roommate.
Changed six diapers.
Spent one hour at spinning class.
Dropped off two books at the library.

Talked to The Husband on the phone three times.
Took one nap, unplanned but so lovely.
Wrote one blog post on my weight-loss blog.
Saw that Kolby has three permanently green fingers from ambitiously using said fingers as a "fun dip" dipper.

Supervised four kids in doing their chores twice today.
Got the kids back on track thirty-seven times, regarding their chores.
Watched Kimble fall in love with eating one packet of fruit snacks.
Observed Georgie change her clothes three times today.

Only drank seven glasses of water.  It should be double that.
Ignored the ten baskets of laundry that need folding.
Told the boys they had five more days of being grounded "from" their room for keeping it so messy.
Attached six sets of snaps to the bibs that I made.

Took one picture.  (Keaton, wearing a mask he made at scouts last week)


Colleen said...

Great mask! Aww, Georgie! Keep that sass in check! 7 glasses would be awesome for me...that's definitely an area in need of improvement!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I thought of you yesterday. My son had to have a sedated hearing test to determine if he has a hearing problem that is effecting his lack of speech. While I was cuddling him as he tried to come out of the anesthesia, the nurse gave me a stuffed teddy bear. He said that an organization had donated all of the bears for any child that comes in for a procedure. It made me tear up, and my son immediately clutched the bear to him! It made me think of all you've done with the blanket drive in Denver. Now being on the opposite side of the coin, I can honestly say how much it meant to me to go home with a special item. We were only in the hospital for a morning, so obviously my story is nothing like what you and your friends went through. But I know that I need to "pay it forward" and will definitely help out with any future blanket drives you do. Thanks! :)

runningfan said...

I think I maybe drank one glass of water yesterday.

Sounds like a busy day!!

purejoy said...

dude. i would float away with more water than that! and after completing all those "numbers" yesterday, i would have needed way more than one nap!!
you have a blissfully active home and everyone is blessed to have a connected momma {who takes time to spin}. seriously. i'm exhausted! ;)

BrittanyLane said...

Such a great idea for a post. Some days it certainly seems like I do the same things over and over again. I'll have to start counting...

BrittanyLane said...

Okay, I totally just copied your post. Hope you don't mind. : )