Friday, March 4, 2011

16 Months

Yesterday I took Mr. Kimble to his Pediatrician for his 15 month checkup, but since it was a day before he turned 16 months, we'll just call it 16 months.  (I also took Georgie, who got her Pre-K appointment done {physical, hearing, vision, shots} and Kolby, who had a severe cough and a double ear infection, so it was a busy morning.)

Kimble is doing fantastic.  We are all thrilled with the progress he is making.  He's almost walking, so that puts him right on track, developmentally.  He is expressive and energetic and responsive and inquisitive and curious and happy.

Kimble weighed in at 22.6 pounds, which jumps him up to the 25th percentile (up from the 10th percentile previously) in weight, although he's still at 10th percentile for height.

 Kimble is starting to mimic what I ask him to say.  He can say Mama and Dada and Yeah and Yesssss, and he just learned how to say Uh-Oh, although it's more like Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Ohhhh.  He loves to clap and smile, and when he's  trying to be extra adorable, he'll crinkle up his nose when he smiles.

He really likes to climb up on things, and gets himself in predicaments a lot.  His favorite perches seem to be our nightstands. and often he falls off them, rather then climbing back on the bed.  Kimble loves to stand, which makes bathtime dangerous.  He simply refuses to sit down in the bath, so I usually have to cut bathtime in half.  All that soap and water and fixtures and ceramic makes too nervous.

Kimble takes one good nap a day, and sleeps all night (most nights).  He loves his binkie and his bottle and he likes to feed himself when he's sitting in his high chair (with his fingers, although he likes to hold the spoon).

Kimble has this laugh that is so contagious.  He likes to giggle, then as he's sucking in his next breath, he makes a sound as he's doing it, and it's just so funny.  When I'm sitting on the floor with him, he loves to climb into my lap, and perch for a second, before getting off, then climbing back up again.

He is such a good boy.  We all love him so much, even if he is quite a handful these days!  (PS:  I found all the clothes he is wearing at Goodwill yesterday.)


Renny's little things said...

This guy is just too cute.. He is doing well. My boy is a little younger than Mr K but it seems they are doing the same things and getting up to the same antics. Love the out fit and good score. It all looks like department store bought stuff.
I love this little guy he is just too cute.
Cheers from Aus

Dan and Katie said...

what a cutie! I am really missing you guys!!! Maybe we can get together for a Sunday dinner sometime if you are ok with that? Our Saturdays seem to be so crazy with me usually having to go to work in the morning and Dan working in the afternoon