Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mr. Kimble:
What adjectives describe this person?  Charming, Funny, Energetic, Miraculous.
How does this person overcome obstacles?  He plows over, through, and beneath anything in his way.
What would this person say is the best thing in their life?  Binkies, Bottles, and Cuddles.

What is this person's favorite and most requested food? Spaghetti.
What does this person like to repeat all day long?  "What can I do now, momma?"
What describes this person's fashion choices? The more colorful and mismatching, the better.

What makes this person happy? Playing anything electronic, climbing rocks and trees, personifying Star Wars characters.
What does this person hate to do? Anything school related; anything having to do with the word "clean".
What is on this person's wish list?  A new wii game and cowboy boots of his own.

How does this person respond to negative situations?  He is very sensitive to the world around him, and finds most things to be unfair.  He is always looking to make things better.
What do you often see this person doing?  He always remembers to stop and help Georgie unbuckle the "hard" buckle on her carseat, when all his other siblings jump out of the van as fast as they can.
What interesting thing have you heard this person say?  One morning, a few weeks ago, as I was waking him up for school, he said  "The thing that surprises me most of all, is that I can lift 52 pounds, even when I just wake up and am so tired. I'm still....that strong." (52 pounds is what he weighed, the last time he checked.)

What is this person reading right now? She is in book 3 of the Harry Potter series, and loving it.
How does this person relate to their siblings? She is always playing the role of second mom. She is very sweet natured.
What does this person enjoy doing? She still loves to draw, write stories, and help cook.

What is this person's most favorite chore? Cleaning the kitchen, or rather, it's the result of having a clean kitchen, that makes it her favorite.
What is on this person's agenda for the day? Dentist appointment.  (Take a deep breath.  All will be fine.)
How many hours does this person sleep at night? Ten hours.  Don't mess with her sleep time.

The Husband:
What significant thing did this person accomplish yesterday? He rode his bike to and from work. (45 min each way on the bike...with an opposing wind.  Go Go!)
What long-term goal does this person have? To ride The Colorado Trail Race.
What is this person's most attractive feature?  This is completely biased, admittedly, but he has some dangerously toned and sexy legs.

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purejoy said...

very sweet! i love the picture of the hubs. he's adorable. i mean ruggedly handsome. just like kimble. kimble is ruggedly handsome… not a baby anymore. look at all those teeth!!
georgie is just cuteness rolled up in a girl. you left that part out. look how adorable that pose is!
i love how kolby still hates schoolwork and cleaning. he is alllll boy!
love how sensitive keaton is and how he watches out for georgie.
i would have loved to have had a little reader and sous-chef in my daughter. sadly, she's a dichotomy of girlie-girl/tomboy. would rather run and play {in pink} than be caught sitting still or helping me. sigh
your kids are just so dang awesome!