Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Contemplating Imagination

I love to write.  I love to read.  I love the possibility of making my debut into the published world.  Lately I've been contemplating the details of how I am going to accomplish this.

I have two children's books done. They are fun to read in a Dr. Seuss type of rhyming style (I can make almost anything rhyme!), and I imagine the illustrations would make the book become fabulous.

I've also been deciding on what type of other book to write.  A novel?  Maybe.  However, I think I write better when I'm retelling a story from my childhood.   Should I just compile a bunch of stories, and form it into a book?  I do have quite a collection of humorous stories to pick from.  My childhood definitely was intriguing at times.  But...

I just don't know.

Also, once I get it written, like my children's books, it won't just magically get published.  I think that's the most daunting aspect of this entire dream/goal of mine.  It takes a lot of work to submit, re-submit, write query letters, wait for responses rejections, then try not to take it personally, and re-submit again.

Most of my blog readers have been reading my blog for quite a few years.  You have read many of my childhood stories. What do you think?  Do I have what it takes?  What would interest you?  I'd really love to hear your opinions.


Mags said...

You are right about the rejections though....I think JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before getting a yes to publish Harry Potter. Persistence pays off. Good luck on this journey. I enjoy reading what you write. I don't usually skip to the meat of the post with your blog. The journey getting there is fun.

purejoy said...

wow. that's really neat. i think you're a fantastic writer. i think stories about big families might be interesting to kids since many don't have big families.
i've always wanted to write, too. just not sure what i want to say {much like my blog, actually}

Jennifer Magreevy said...

What type of item would you feel most comfortable writing? I think that will help you feel confident and relaxed about writing. My mom actually just gave me a lecture while she was visiting last week about my writing ability. She said I waste too much time on writing blogs, Facebook and Twitter status updates, and various things like that. She thinks I should write a book as well. She recommended I write about the trials and tribulations of being a military spouse, or on my son's current medical path. I'm debating on it.

kadie dahl said...

I always love reading your posts, so I'm sure your rejections will be far and few : ) But what I love most about your posts is when you write letters to various people. You could do something like the Screwtape Letters and it would be fabulous! So hurry up and write it so I can buy it!!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

One of the best things you could do is go to the LDS Storymakers conference. You will learn so much, and get inside help. It will help you be a better writer, and know how to do query letters correctly, and all sorts of stuff. You'd be surprised whatthere is out there, that you tought you knew, but find out you didn't. And ow things work, how publishers think...etc.

It's every year- here in Utah. I highly reccommend!

I write, too. I have a couple children's books, and a novel I'm working on. It's hard work, and you just want so badly for others to love your hard, heart-felt work, too. And it can be hard to get published, too!
I know the feeling.

Maynards said...

I think you should follow your dream, and just go for it. I would read your books. ;)

Shannon said...

I thought you might find this blog entry interesting, given your interest in writing a book. Check it out: http://thepioneerwoman.com/blog/2011/04/twenty-steps-to-writing-a-childrens-book/