Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We've spent a lot of time at the Dentist office lately.  Everyone but Kamy had to come back for the "drilling" appointments.  I had to come back to get a crown, and all the other kids had multiple cavities between their molars, which requires multiple visits.

Today was Georgie's first followup appointment.   The doctor told her she had two teeth that were going to get some sleepy juice, and then after they were asleep, they were going to get the cavity bugs out and replace them with silver stars.

I left after they started drilling.  With my appointment the day before, and my tooth still sore, I didn't need to hear anymore of that noise.  As a reward for undergoing such trauma, each of my kids get a strawberry shake after getting fillings.  This has been discussed with a passion, and the days have been counted down, for Georgie.  She was so excited to get her strawberry shake today, or as she called it, her "milk smoothie".

Understand, I'm not rewarding my kids for having cavities.  Rather, I'm trying to make them feel better after getting their teeth drilled out.  I don't need them to start dreading going to the dentist.  There's already one person in this family that hyperventilates at even the thought of the dentist.  I don't need any more kids taking after me, on this one.


courtney said...

I blame Dr. Lemley because the dentist I have now is fantastic and my kids love to go to him as well. Lemley was just harsh and rude and the assistants always talked about the other patients who came to them which I thought was horrible because I knew who those other people where so it make me nervouse for what they said when I left their rooms.

Besides, getting a shake is a tradition that mom and dad always did for us.

Burns Family said...

Ditto Courtney!! I still almost pass out when I have to go to the dentist. Dr Lemley was not nice and he once pulled out one of my teeth unintentionally. My kids love going to their dentist here. My kids get to go to McDonalds if they are cavity free. So far I have only one that has had to get a cavity filled (and he didn't even think it was bad at all-maybe she's too good a dentist).

Maggie said...

The only reason I am dreading a trip to the dentist is because it's been A LONG TIME... and my own husband is a dentist! Woops!

Colleen said...

We were at the dentist today and have to go back for fillings too. Boo! And I also give my kids milkshakes after they have them, and shots too.