Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good 'Ole Library Days

I took the kiddos to the library yesterday.  They got busy right away finding all sorts of books to borrow.  Kamy got some Junie B. Jones books, the third Fabelhaven book, the fifth Harry Potter book (although she's still reading the third...the fifth is the book we are missing from our collection.) and a few other books about girls living way back in the day.

Keaton also got some Junie B. Jones books, as well as some Magic Treehouse books.  Together, they sat down with their stacks of books and started reading. LOVE.THAT.SO.MUCH.

Kolby wandered around with me while I tried to find some things that interested him.  We found a book about a Man with very long pants.  We found a book about a crocodile that just wanted to eat a kid.  We found a book about two friends who were superheros in disguise.  We also found a book about red hens, which is one in a series that we hadn't read yet.  Very cute books.  So Kolby sat down to read the book to me, before he could play on the computer, which is the only thing he wanted to do at the Library, although he was excited to bring his messenger bag, which you can see around his shoulder.

I pulled out a few princess books for Georgie, and she set out herself to find books that interested her as well.  We came home with four books for her, most of which involved stories about princesses wearing lovely dresses, their faces shining with beautiful makeup.

 Mr. Kimble wasn't at all interested in having stories read to him.  He just wanted to climb up on this table, and one by one, knock down every single book.  Then he would crawl to a nearby shelf, and try to pull everything off of it. Then he would squeeze himself behind a corner cabinet and pull out all of the electrical cords, and sit grinning at me when my arms couldn't reach him.

Then, after the allotted time of reading, the kids were allowed to play on the computer.  When I went around the corner to check on them, I noticed they were (again) sitting in birth order.  It's really strange, how my kids always sit, stand, or walk in order of birth.  They just do it naturally.

Mr. Kimble decided that the library was a great place to walk around, and he almost walked down this entire aisle all by himself!  After this picture, he lost his balance and went down to his knees, where he started speed crawling and ran into a lady with a stroller, because when he speed crawls, he keeps his head down, which causes him to run right into things.

I could have sat there all day, watching these two get lost in their books.

But we came home instead, after checking out all 28 books.


purejoy said...

oh how i wished i spawned readers. sigh.
i mean, i'm a reader, they should be too, right?
but they do rock their computer skills!! they both have a blackbelt in facebook. ha!
so glad your kiddles like to read. it's the best!

runningfan said...

This makes me think maybe I should be brave enough to take my kids to the library. Maybe.

Maynards said...

I can't wait for my kiddos to learn to read better, then maybe the books will look more appealing than the dvd's at the library.
So cute how your kids were sitting in birth order!