Friday, March 11, 2011

The Number Eleven

Kamy is 11 years old now.  She's growing up!  I totally remember being 11 years old.  I think Kamy is much sweeter and more thoughtful, than I was at that age.  Kamy is gentle and calm.  She dreams of mermaids and fairies.  She loves to read about girls that lived hundreds of years ago (Cleopatra and young princesses) and she likes to write stories and draw pictures. 

Kamy wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for her classmates, but as I've been sick and didn't have the energy or motivation to make dozens of cookies, Kamy and The Husband went to the store and bought some chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla wafer cookies to share with the class. They also got pencils for everyone, because it's so fun to get a brand new pencil.  Kamy happily brought these items to school, and according to her, everyone loved them.

Kamy chose Sausage Penne for her birthday dinner (I think this is the third year in a row she chose this meal, regardless of the fact that we have it all the time) and she wanted Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

We've been wanting to get Kamy a new bike for a while now. She outgrew her old one a few years ago, but has continued riding it.  We looked and looked for a good bike for her, but didn't find one.  We decided that's we'd have to give her an I.O.U. but yesterday afternoon, The Husband called to say that he found one.  He picked it up after work, and came home just in time for dinner.

When I was ten or eleven, I remember my parents coming home from doing some shopping one afternoon, on my birthday.  I was home, along with my other siblings.  When my dad walked in the front door, he said "Shaina, get outside and pick up your toys now!  You can't just leave them lying around."  I remember slouching off towards the door and mumbling something about how I didn't leave any toys outside, and that all I ever did was clean up..."  Once I got outside, I saw a brand new bike waiting for me.  It was my birthday present.

I whispered to Heath that we should do the same thing, so he positioned the bike outside, on the front sidewalk, before he came in the house.  Just as we were sitting down to eat, Heath said "Kamy, you left your toy outside on the sidewalk.  We aren't eating until you go out and pick it up."  Kamy dutifully stood up and went outside to pick things up.  I could tell that she was questioning in her mind, what toys were outside, because she hadn't played outside that day, but nevertheless, being the good girl she is, she didn't say anything, and just went outside.

She walked right past the bike without a second glance, and started looking around for the mysterious toys that her dad had said were out there.  She had no idea that the bike was for her.  In all honesty, it is a nice big black bike, and she probably mistook it for her dad's bike.  Anyway, we told her that the bike was for her, and then she understood that she had been slightly tricked.  She loves the bike, and although Heath said he would paint it a more girly color for her, she prefers it to stay black.

After dinner, we took our family picture...

and then we had Kamy open her presents.  Along with the bike, she got the first book in the Harry Potter series, which means she can now read all the books.  She also got two crochet hats that I made her, two skirts and two shirts, as well as new black church shoes. 

Then I brought out three dresses I had found at a thrift store, that were in lovely like-new condition.  They were long enough, and modest dresses, and I almost squealed when I found them, as Kamy is a very hard size to find dresses for, especially when all you can see in stores are little mini skirts or short baby doll dresses that would be more fitting for a shirt, than a dress. 

Anyway, not to go off on a tangent...It's been hard to find modest church clothes for her.   Kamy was beyond thrilled at all of the dresses.   She said the black and white one reminds her of what I would have worn as a little girl, and when Keaton saw her in it, he said she was the most beautiful pioneer girl he had ever seen.  So funny.

Kamy's primary teacher came over and gave her some flowers for her birthday.  So thoughtful! 

After the fashion show, Kamy blew out her candles (after she took a bit of time thinking up the perfect wish) and all the kids enjoyed the birthday dessert.

It seemed like a great day for Kamy.  I'm excited for her, and what a beautiful young lady she's becoming.


Nancy said...

I remember Dad did that to me and Ian Christmas morning when we got our scooters. "Nan, Ian, I told you not to throw your wrapping paper garbage behind the chair. Now clean it up" And there they were! Our matching scooters. It was clever of you to do that for Kamy!

kdaygirl said...

Lemon blueberry cake and mint ice cream? Strange combination!
What a big kid she is becoming, next year young womens! Yeah!
Happy Birthday Kamy-Ren!

Heath said...

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. Mom and Dad love you so much. You are such a good help to us. You really are a Great big sister to your Brothers and Sister.

Ryan said...

Loved those cute hats!! Especially on that beautiful girl. Elsie kept asking me "Who is that beautiful girl?" As we looked at each picture. She's growing up so tall--we sure miss you guys!

Colleen said...

I love that black and white print dress. Kamy sure is a fantastic girl!

kendra said...

what an awesome girl! You find such great things at Goodwill!

I'm drooling over that cake! It looks so good. Maybe I will try to make a gluten egg dairy free one some time.

Happy Birthday Kamy!

Queen of Chaos said...

Where has time gone? It wasn't long ago when Kamy and Emmalese were playing tea set in the bath tub!

Happy birthday, Kamy!

kadie dahl said...

Happy birthday Kamy(even if it is late...)! I can't believe how grown up she is! She is so beautiful and that Black and blue dress is stunning on her! By the way I didn't know you grew up during the pioneer days ;)

Maynards said...

She is such a sweet girl. I am impressed the she didn't even complain when she was told to go pick up the toys. The dresses are adorable!

Sara said...

She is such a beauty! WOW! Happy Birthday Kamy!