Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

It's Spring Break around here.  The only thing we have on the required list is are dentist appointments.  We plan on going to the library and the park, and we'll see what else we can do.

Last week, in planning our menu, I had the kids each tell me what they would like for dinner.  So along with all of their favorites, they also requested things for lunch that were not in the "sandwich" category, except for the BLT that Kolby contributed, but we all know that he only wants the "B" part of the sandwich, which doesn't really make it all that healthy.   However, I'd rather pick my battles elsewhere this week.

If you are in the midst of spring break, have a great week!  We hope to have a great one just sticking around here.

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runningfan said...

I laughed at the "B" sandwich. Garry is the same way. We jokingly call them "BMs" for bacon and mayo. (Gag.)